„RE RE Rīga!” festival introduced at „Esplanāde 2014”

„RE RE Rīga!” festival introduced at „Esplanāde 2014”
Mārtiņš Otto, Rīga 2014
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On Tuesday, 9 July, first introducing event of „RE RE Rīga!” festival was held at „Rīga 2014” creative and information space „Esplanāde 2014”.

Festival programme and artists joining the events were announced. Also „Pulsa efekts” music band („Pulse Effect”) performed together with singer Leila mixing melodies and rhythm of both Latvian folk song and Near East music tradition.

„It's a pleasure for us that so many great and world-known artists have agreed to join the festival. Therefore, ”RE RE Rīga!„ will offer Riga visitors and residents to experience true art wonder by exploring various colours, sounds, senses and creative activities. Everyone will be able to meet foreign cultures at the festival getting the impression of a trip around the world. The programme is really unique and full of surprises. Nearly 100 participants from 20 collectives covering 12 countries will prepare their own original performances,” said Vita Valheima, festival producer.

New french circus collective „La Meute” will perform at „RE RE Rīga!” using several acrobatic techniques, a group from Sweden „MagManus” will present a virtuoso juggling, a breath-taking springboard jumping and an amazing acrobatics. Modern juggling example, the estetic and playful „Patrik & Wes” from Scandinavia will perform with the show „Between Someonesons”. Dutch artist Bram Graafland performing his „The Yelling Kitchen Prince” will take by surprise simultaneously playing kitchen drums, the organ and frying pancakes. A group of four young circus artists „Collectif Malunés” will unify elements of a street theatre, air acrobatics and some power components. Also Norwegian artist Frida Odden Brinkman, the occasional female juggler, will perform controlling nine balls through a complicated elastic juggling technique. Estonian circus band FF from „Folie” studio will demonstrate a brand new performance at the festival.

Several musical masterpieces will be available at the festival including folk music mix with Arab and Indian vocal traditions, some Moor music rhythms, psychedelic rock mixed with saxophon play, accordion, ukulele, flute, Jew's harp, guembri and other unconventional instruments.

Belgian "Jaune Toujours” will present a mix of several languages, music genres and rhythms: Belgian ska, Gypsies music, a chanson united with the Balkan madness, accordion and jazz improvisations.

Also a Russian band „The Retuses” will perform poetry of Sergei Yesenin in a musical arrangement. „Theodor Bastard” from Russia will offer a unique mix of world music, folk, trip-hop, Indian and Arab vocal music traditions.

„Electric Jalaba” from Great Britain will unite together Brittish musicians and a master of Moor Gnawa music. German „KIM”, it's a band of three Berlin musicians who create memorable music sounds using the drums, alto saxophone and Jew's harp.
Latvia will be represented by Latvian band „Sus Dungo” who plays various scale of music instruments including accordion and harp. „Pulsa Efekts” and Azerbaijan Mugham singer Laila are masters of the rhythmic compositions using African, Brazilian and Egyptian percussion. „Soul Tap” dance group will twist step dance rhythm with popular melodies instruments created in a jazzy stylistics and Indian classical dance performed by „Bharata” and „Lila” studios.

To find more information about „RE RE Rīga!”, click here

Everyone who wishes to explore new world, new culture and surprising acts is invited to come to AB Dambis („AB Pier”), Noass, Opera Square, Old Riga and Esplanade Park from  9 to 11 August. Entrance is free of charge to all events.

„RE RE Rīga!” festival is going to be one of the brightest event of this summer introducing Riga as The European Capital of Culture in 2014. Festival is supported by the cooperation of Riga City Council, „Rīga 2014” foundation and „Re&Re” construction company.

Next introducing events of „RE RE Rīga!” will be held on 17 and 24 July, from 17.00 to 18.00 at „Esplanāde 2014” creative and information space.

Street Art and World Music Festival „RE RE Rīga!” will be held from 9 to 11 August. In 2014, it will be included into the thematic line „Rīgas karnevāls” („Riga Carnival”) within the programme of The European Capital of Culture.



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