Friday night concert series with „Astro'n'out”

Friday night concert series with „Astro'n'out”
Aiga Rēdmane
24-07-2013 A+ A-
On 26 July, at „Esplanāde 2014” culture summer house, „Astro'n'out” will perform within Friday night concert series.

The band will play songs from their last album „Lauvas” and some old pieces, as well. The entrance is free of charge.

„Astro'n'out” is one of the best Latvian bands so far. They got recognized in 2003 with a debut song „Daļa Rīgas”. Back then, they were considered only as one-hit-wonder musicians, but other great pieces followed soon such as „Tanki”, „Gravitātei, nē”, „Tici sev”, „Spoguļoties”, „Apaļa pasaule”, etc. The band has been nominated for several awards in Latvia and abroad.

There are five band members: Mārtiņš Elerts (guitar), Juris Kalnišs (guitar), Toms Poišs (bass), Mārtiņš Miļevskis (drums) and Māra Upmane-Holšteina (vocals).

„Astro'n'out” plays melodic poprock added with a soft and peachy tembre of Māra Upmane-Holšteine.

Check out an interview with Māra on 26 July, on website. Other bands of "Esplanāde 2014" Friday night concert series will be announced tomorrow after 08.00, on "Rīga Radio".

"Esplanāde 2014" creative and informative space is a place for performances, concerts, exhibitions, discussions and workshops through all summer. "Esplanāde 2014" is an open office space for "Rīga 2014" foundation where everyone can get to know ap rogramme of The European Capital of Culture. It's also a meeting point and a reading room of The National Library of Latvia. Also a green terrace, cafe and free wi-fi supported by project partners "Lattelecom" is available.


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