Courtyard Cleaning Wednesday at “Esplanāde 2014”

Courtyard Cleaning Wednesday at “Esplanāde 2014”
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On Wednesday, 31 July from 18.20, a discussion and creative workshop about apartment house courtyard improvement problems with the help of community action will be held at „Esplanāde 2014” culture summer house.

Several problems will be noted at the discussion. What to do with the broken park benches? How often to change sands in kids' sandboxes? Who is responsible for the rusty playground remains from The Soviet Union times? When there will be benches in every park? How the degraded residental complex environment affects community growth?

What to do if residents want changes but they lack the funding and knowledge? Residents are invited to involve, comment, discuss and share their thoughts.

Families, children, adult and pretty much everyone from every residental complex are invited at this „Esplanāde 2014” event. Not only there will be an option to ask questions and discuss. Also dream courtyards will be drawn and furniture from cardboard will be created during the discussion.

Video versions from community action group presenting three Riga courtyards before and after the cleaning will be screened. Also „Viena diena Ķengaragā un soliņmākslas šedevri” („One day in Ķengarags and art of park benches”), a unique photo excursion, will be showed.


Representatives from Riga City Council City Development Department and City Building Directorate, executive authorities, Riga City Council Housing Rental Commission, greened area experts, architects as well as cultural sociology, art history and psychotherapy professionals will join the discussion.

Community action group from „Movement for courtyard cleaning”, New architect movement, emerging architects and environmental design artists will join with photo and video presentations showing benche art pieces in courtyards and courtyard improvement projects before and after the cleaning. They have created several changes of courtyards who have been chosen at the competition from the beginning on a paper to a real work during „Lielā talka” („The Big Clean-up”) activities.

„Movement for courtyard cleaning” is organized for the fourth time and is included into the thematic line „Izdzīvošanas komplekts” („Survival Kit”) of „Rīga 2014” programme.


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