Ancient Bonfire Night coming up on 31 August

Ancient Bonfire Night coming up on 31 August
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After one month on Saturday, 31 August, Ancient Bonfire Night will be going on before sunset at 21.30. During that time, everyone is invited to set a bonfire showing commitment to take care of The Baltic Sea and to say goodbye to summer. Ancient Bonfire Night will be opened similarly in every region next to The Baltic Sea. The event in Latvia will be coordinated by „Rīga 2014” Foundation, also organizers of The European Capital of Culture.

Everyone is invited to join the event by setting a bonfire where it is allowed and inviting friends, families and neighbours to do the same. „Rīga 2014” Foundation invited seventeen Latvia local authorities of coastal regions to take their part at Ancient Bonfire Night in order to organize the seaside event.

People will be able to tell their promises to the sea, read some poetry, sing, play or just look at the sea or bonfires. To search every bonfire at the area, everyone can mark their place on a virtual map   

The tradition of Ancient Bonfire Night rised in Turku, Finland, in 1992.

Soon after it gained much attention elsewhere in The Baltic region countries: Estonia, Sweden, Germany, Poland, etc. „Rīga 2014” Foundation continues the tradition by following two previous European Capitals of Culture such as „Turku 2011” and „Tallinn 2011”. The event in Latvia has taken place in Roja and Pāvilosta for more than ten years. As soon as the event date gets closer, search for more information on our website.



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