Diāna Čivle: I invite everyone to search, play and explore!

Diāna Čivle: I invite everyone to search, play and explore!
Mārtiņš Otto, Rīga 2014 . Diāna Čivle
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„Re Re Rīga” is another great example of how to reach next year when Riga becomes The European Capital of Culture,„ said Diāna Čivle, the head of ”Rīga 2014„ Foundation at the press conference shortly before ”RE RE Rīga" opening. She emphasized that Riga should establish its own carnival traditions as it is, for instance, in Venice.

Diāna Čivle also curates the thematic line „Riga Carnival” within the programme of „Rīga 2014”, therefore, she invites everyone to search, play and explore new culture things in Riga or maybe just look at the old ones from a fresh perspective. For the next year, one of the central „Riga Carnival” events will be „RE RE Rīga!” festival. It will show some creative exploration and will continue to enrich capital city's cultural life with cirque nouveau or new circus and various world music performances.


„We are looking for something new, we wish to start and develop new traditions in Riga. ”RE RE Rīga!„ does it quite well when finding new forms how to make world music more available to people. The main accent of this festival is new circus and street art, so we would like to see more of that in Riga environment,” explains Diāna Čivle. She agrees that circus is an urban art especially when speaking of new circus. Classical circus traditions are well recognized in Latvia, it involves animals, clowns, acrobats, but the new circus aesthetics is something new.

It's hard to define new circus, similarly as with culture itself. It allows to improvise, and definitions have many aspects. But mainly new circus is based on what a human can do with his body by not using words.

Diāna Čivle explored new circus for the first time while she was in France with the support of French Cultural Centre. She went there in order to find new expressions for the thematic line „Riga Carnival”. „Back then, they suggested me to attend new circus shows, so I had a chance to see some splendid examples, every show was completely different. Some of them were based on a human's ability, but there were also shows with additional multimedia, design and scenography elements,” remembers Diāna Čivle.


It's not the first time for circus in Riga. Diāna Čivle notes „Circo da Madrugada”, they performed at Mežaparks in 2005. Also The New Theatre Institute offered several circus forms at „Homo Novus” festival.

Still, this will be the first time contemporary circus will „go on” in Riga in such a splendid mode and will be available to great number of people.

„It's not that we don't have world music concerts in Riga. We have! But we try to find a way how to show its diversity from a new perspective in order to integrate world music into a well-known city festival form. Besides, the entrance is free of charge, so it might be interesting for everyone to explore world music and contemporary circus,” explains Čivle.

In her opinion, educating the audience so that they get accustomed to new art genres and new performances has a great meaning. It's one of the main goals for „Riga Carnival”.

Street Art and World Music Festival „RE RE Rīga!” will be opened this Thursday, 8 August, and will continue to 11 August, in several Riga places. One of the event places is „Esplanāde 2014” culture summer house. To find more about festival artists and new circus, click here: Circus has arrived! Interview with Mārtiņš Ķibers. To find full festival programme, click here.


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