Time to unwrap from the clews! Interview with Antra Cilinska

Time to unwrap from the clews! Interview with Antra Cilinska
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014 . Antra Cilinska, the manager of „Sensation containers” project
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Most likely, everyone of us has felt like sharing some feelings about several experiences in life, but there was nobody to tell all those things. But now on, there is a chance to do so. From this Thursday, 15 August, everyone is invited to „Esplanāde 2014” culture summer house where 3D carnival „Sensation containers”, one of the next year' s European Capital of Culture projects, will be opened. In order to find out more about that, we met Antra Cilinska, „Sensation containers” project manager, she is also a producer and film director.

To draw, write or tweet?

„Is this some kind of a provocative question to ask me to tell about ”Sensation containers?„ laughs Antra Cilinska saying that it's hard to tell about brand or upcoming projects. ” Of course, „Sensation containers” was quite a challenging name in order to get people's attention, maybe to let them think what this really means. This time, we wish to collect people's senses, everything they have experienced in their lives, childhood memories when you feel so big and the world seems great and unreachable for you, but it can also be some romantic or extreme senses," explains the project producer adding that people tend to experience it less and less, but, still. Senses live within us, and this is the time for everyone to share it.

„It could be associated with Dainu skapis (”Closet for dainas„). If songs are collected in it, then we do that with senses in containers. The meaning to this name is related with ”contain" in English.

To share their senses, people will be able to draw, write or tweet, or post on Facebook, or even to record a voice message. They just have to get in the container, and there will be all the instructions. There will be also a small caravan, so called instruction that will introduce to senses, and then two minutes will be given to record the message. So, Latvians, be open, talkative and wishing to share!"

In order to support the project, Antra Cilinska had a whole team, a group of enthusiasts or the major project of creative industries who do their jobs with sparkles in eyes: those are two film directors Roberts Rubīns and Didzis Eglītis, and operator Valdis Celmiņš, „ the technical brain” and operator Kaspars Braķis, architect Didzis Jaunzems, project manager Elizabete Nīmane, Maija Liepiņa and tech guys. „We have technologies, art and architecture together!”

With sea and salt atmosphere

The project will have its additional value soon. When Riga becomes The European Capital of Culture in 2014  senses will be fulfilled with new technologies in order to show them in 3D. „It will be a digital journey called ”Sajūtas dzīves laikā„ (”Sensation through life„),” adds Cilinska explaining that this project will be curated within the thematic line „Riga Carnival”.

„In a way, ”Sensation container„ and the following visualisation will be like a carnival: we put on 3D glasses pretending it to be some kind of a mask, then we are brought in another reality and just enjoy something.”

It will be a sensitive event that allows visitors to feel something positive, frightening, cold, wet.. „We'd like to think that 3D gives an additional value, besides, it's a fantastic creative industries show presenting architecture- containers that will be put on several stages; there are 3D technologies, quite a challenge for project managers because we still are learning and making experiments,” tells Cilinska not hiding that she and her colleagues finds it interesting for that reason that so many new things need to be learned. Besides, creative content is also important, because directors and operator work on the project. „So many things come together for the event, besides, we keep future prespective in our mids while working!”


A connection of twelve containers is planned at „Esplanāde 2014” next year. „All in all, also heavy industry is a part of the project, the containers,” continues Cilinska and laughs that she now knows what sea containers mean, because she has a lot to do with it within the project realization. „It's interesting and fascinating!” It turns out, containers can be well used in arts, as well.

„Imagine: we put fancy and expensive 3D technologies in a simple rusty metal box. And, look, how it works! Besides, if we think of a container that has flown in the sea with its own senses..”

Project authors have cleaned some salt and rust from the containers, now Cilinska can't wait to see the result on Wednesday.

To experience everything!

At „Esplanāde 2014”, the container will be operating until the beginning of September, then it will be transferred to another locations in Latvia in order to make it available to people. „We invite everyone to help us and share their senses! Then we will take the essence of it, and that will be presented in May, 2014.” Senses will be shared until November, 2013.

Are Latvians open-minded enough in order to join and share their senses?

"We can say we're introvert, but how long will you sit into this clew?

Do such kind of projects with the interactive mood influence people? If you're instructed to push the button or touch a screen, you do that. If you're asked to tell a story, why not? It's an experiment, as well.„ That is why the project opening will be held on Thursday, 15 August at 12.00 when several celebrities have agreed to share their senses including: Diāna Čivle, the head of ”Rīga 2014" Foundation, actors Juris Kalniņš and Katrīne Pasternaka, also several musicians are invited.

„We don't have the responsibility of- oh, how will I look like? But I think, it's a good talk with yourself: you can think, because you are not able to do so during the working days so much. But in there, you can research your life and take out something from your memory containers. If you can take out something, it's beautiful!”

People don't have to worry about their privacy, because the storyteller's name won't be required, a pseudonym also can be used while writting down the message. Though, some serious awards will be given away after a serious story evaluation. „It might be stimulating to think of what I like, what engages me..as well as you get the actual numbers from counting the residents, this might be the senses checking.”

Nothing can be really forcasted but project managers rely on a great attendance. „We will try to communicate everywhere and invite everyone. As soon as the selection is good, film directors can choose the best material for next year's 3D project. We will put the senses together in a story form in order to create a fifteen-to-twenty minute voyage more exciting,” resumes Cilinska reminding that one person can not experience everything so the container is the option to „live” through other lives. „We need to experience everything, those were the words of film director Greenaway!”



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