„Europeana 1989” – The Baltic Way online

„Europeana 1989” – The Baltic Way online
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European digital library „ Europeana” in cooperation with The National Library of Latvia invites Latvia residents to celebrate The Baltic Way anniversary by creating the map of it on the web page.

That is the reason why everyone will be able to digitize a souvenir from The Baltic Way times they bring at "Esplanāde 2014" summer house from 23 to 24 August at 12.00 to 20.00. Pictures will be digitized in an archive and published on www.europeana1989.eu.

Souvenirs can be everything that is related to The Baltic Way: photos, documents, pins, clothing, tram ticket, etc.
In Lithuania, souvenirs for The Baltic Way were collected on 9 to 10 August.

The Baltic Way was held in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on 23 August, 1989, it' s the 50th anniversary of The Molotov-Ribbentrov Pact. Back then, people joined hands in a whole chain in order to connect all three Baltic capitals: Riga, Tallinn and Vilnius. Almost 2 million people took part by making a six hundred-kilometres long "live" road.


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