„Sensation containers” opened at „Esplanāde 2014”

„Sensation containers” opened at „Esplanāde 2014”
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
14-08-2013 A+ A-
On Thursday, 15 August at 12.00, „Sensation containers” project is opened where everyone will be able to involve in journey of 3D sensation world.

„Sensation containers” is a creative/interactive platform that invites every Riga resident and guest to share the best of their thoughts, memories and sensations including a unique and exciting experience that has crushed in memories through lifetime.

„Sensation containers” is a pilot project within the thematic line „Riga carnival” held at „Esplanāde 2014” that warms up next year's event formerly known as 3D carnival.

This project inspires to look deeper into sensations while using the newest technologies.

Technologies are just a tool that help us to get through all the sensations neither explored nor expressed by words,„ tells Diāna Čivle, the curator of the thematic line ”Riga Carnival„ and also the head of ”Rīga 2014" Foundation.
Antra Cilinska, the producer and manager of Juris Podnieks Studio, will join the opening event together with creative directors Roberts Rubīns and Didzis Eglītis as well as Diāna Čivle. The first two people who are going to share their sensations will be Juris Kalniņs and Katrīne Pasternaka.

It is planned that „Sensation containers” will be available at „Esplanāde 2014” culture and summer house until September, 2013.





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