Riga St. Peter's Church Festival „Dominante” will be held for the first time

Riga St. Peter's Church Festival „Dominante” will be held for the first time
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From 21 to 23 August, Riga St. Peter's Church Festival „Dominante”, a vertical insight into our horizontal thought and notion platform, will be offered, said the organizers to „Rīga 2014” culture portal.

Uģis Brikmanis, the idea autor of this festival, says: „It is a musically visual widening of a church, the sacred space, the spiritual territory of the ”culture church„. We chose the festival title by noting that the modern society is often split and lost in several culture post-processes where a loud, pretentious and frequently tasteless form dominates rather than a deep, thought-out content that means a lot to people's inner growth.”

Three concerts are offered in the first year of „Dominante” Festival.

21 August at 20.00- „Ticība” („Faith”), opera studio „Figaro” from Jāzeps Vītols Latvian Academy Of Music will show „Mary of Egypt” opera composed by Ottorino Respighi;

22 August at 20.00- „Cerība” („Hope”), the exotic female trio „Art-i-Shock” will perform with a various programme;

23 August at 20.00- „Mīlestība” („Love”), pianist Reinis Zariņš will offer music pieces composeed by Johann Sebastian Bach and Olivier Messiaen;

Faith. Hope. Love. These three words are taken from The First Epistle to the Corinthians written by Paul the Apostle. Every line from this letter is full of information worth reading again and again. It's mainly a message of what path we have to choose in our lives. I am nothing without love, says Paul. Everything is incomplete. When entirety comes, all that's partial will come to an end. „Faith, Hope and Love is what's left. Love is the greatest.”

„Mary of Egypt” opera composed by 20th century's visionary Ottorino Respighi will be performed at the first concert. It's a romantically intense and beautifully splendid opus where a transformation of Mary is shown from her prostitute days to a spiritually enlightened hermit. This opera was produced by Viesturs Gailis, the director of „Figaro” opera studio. Starring:  Jolanta Skrikaite, Kalvis Kalniņš and Imants Erdmanis.

„Art-i-Shock” female trio will perform at the second concert. They are: Guna Āboltiņa (cello), Elīna Endzele (keyboards) and Agnese Egliņa (piano). All three musicians were nominees at the „Excellent ensemble work” category of „Great Music Award 2010”. The award was given to one of them, but it was not a limit to their musical collaboration while creating various concert programmes.

The third concert will be a „kingdom” of Latvian pianist Reinis Zariņš. He will play fragments from „Twenty gazes on the Christ-child”, a collection of twenty pieces by the French composer Olivier Messiaen. Zariņš mixes those fragments with the organ preludes by Bach performed on the piano. Zariņš is not only a thoughtful artist, he also is well aware of religious texts and is also interested in the world order being a great father, as well.

On 21 August, the day when renovation St.Peter’s Church steeple is celebrated, the first concert of „Dominante” festival will be organized.

Existence of St.Peter’s Church was quite indefinite and even threatened after the great devastation of World War II. Church building was left like it was some dead ship without its steeple and vitality. Renovation was started in 1950s but the church tower was built in 1960s when finally, a golden cock was put on the upper steeple. In 1973, forty years ago, the new tower was finished and celebration held dedicated to final works, but the whole St.Peter’s Church was built completely thirty years ago.

To enlarge the festival audience, festival programme will be streamed online on Sv. Pēterbaznīcas mājaslapā in cooperation with  “Rīga 2014” 

Festival is organized by: Riga City Council in close cooperation with Rīga 2014, Lattelecom and Hannum Pro.



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