„Lifestyle – influence and solutions” lecture held at „Esplanāde 2014”

„Lifestyle – influence and solutions” lecture held at „Esplanāde 2014”
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
21-08-2013 A+ A-
On Saturday, 24 August from 15.00 to 17.00, The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) invites everyone to attend „Lifestyle – influence and solutions” lecture and workshop at „Esplanāde 2014” culture summer house.

During the event, visitors will be able to measure their ecological foot mark, join the „lifestyle race” and find out which household objects impact environment the most. Also „Lifestyle – impact and solutions” lecture will be held. „Every person living on Earth has around 1.8 hectares for a personal use. Still, we live like we have at least 4 hectars. When attending „Esplanāde 2014”, we invite to come and measure how much Earth you might need for yourself,” invites Panda, the symbol of The World Wide Fund for Nature.

Creative workshops are suitable for children who may play with Panda and make some masks, play games and find out more about nature, as well.

Open lecture will be read by the new lecturers from World Wide Fund for Nature at 15.30. Another activities curated by WWF will be open from 15.00 to 17.00.

WWF lectures are supported by Riga City Council’s Education, Culture and Sports Department within the „Community integration programme” project competition. From September, volunteering lectors will tell about The Baltic Sea, the ecosystem of woods, lifestyle impact to environment in several Riga schools and free time activity institutions. The goal of the lectures is to educate young people about environmental questions and their abilities to help raise the understanding on those issues.

WWF operates in Latvia since 1991, its goal is to raise the understanding about environmental issues. WWF organizes several events, demonstrations, educational and informative campaigns, has stimulated an environment-friendly decision making, as well. To become a member of WWF, you have to fill in the form on this website.


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