Latvian poetry race and other events at „Dzejas dienas 2013” festival

Latvian poetry race and other events at „Dzejas dienas 2013” festival
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International festival „Dzejas dienas 2013” („Poetry Days 2013”) will be held for the 49th time this year from 5 to 15 September. Every poetry lover is invited to meet their favourite authors, to explore new works and to find out more about foreign poets.

On 6 September, the running poetry CD record will be released with the title „Robežstūmējs” („The border pusher”). Therefore, poetry works by Ronalds Briedis, Arvis Viguls, Henriks Eliass Zēgners, Inga Gaile, Sergejs Timofejevs un Valts Ernštreits are included. CD is some kind of a witness of our generation by recording the actual works and voices by Latvian poets.

„Dzejas dienas” works in close cooperation with „Rīga 2014” Foundation when preparing for the upcoming European Capital of Culture events.

On 11 September, Rainis’ birthday, „Latviešu dzejas maratons” („Latvian poetry race”) will be held at „Esplanāde 2014” where poets from different generations will read. On 10 September, foreign authors will read their work within the event named „Kaimiņi trokšņo” („Neighbours are loud”).

Eight foreign guests will bring in new vibes on this year’s poetry space. German poet Bjoern Kuhlig will take part, he has just released his poetry book in Latvia. Mari Konno from Japan will return and offer a music performance „Durvis zvaigžņveida” („The door star-shaped”). Also Edward Hirsch, a poet and the president of Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, will read in Latvia and lead a masterclass at J.Akurāters Museum with the support of The Embassy of the United States in Latvia. Culture industry professionals are invited to attend an open lecture read by Hirsch where he will talk about philantropy development and support in USA.

Both poets Txema Martinex from Catalonia and Zviad Ratiani from Georgia will meet at the „Ziemeļi- Dienvidi” („North to South”) readings. Also Milan Dobričić from Serbia and Dragana Tripkovec from Montenegro will join the festival. Amir Or from Israel will read several times, as well.

 „Dzejas dienas” has kept festival traditions for many years when organizing such events as Classic poetry night (named „Dzejas meditācijas tempļa istaba”), journey with poets where Maskava District will be included this year, and the young poets’ readings, also members of The Literary Academy will join, poetry party „BRONHOTĒKA” curated by radio NABA show „Bron-Hīts” will go on together with the event „Atvērt nevar aizvērt” where works from the last year’s poetry books will be presented, metaphysical poetry readings, poetic orienteering (with bicycles) and many other events.

Some new vibes are included, for instance, poet and rapper competition at  Literature and Music Museum, several events curated by „Orbīta” literary and music movement, poetry performance „Mūsu dienu skaņu celiņš”, etc.

To find full programme of „Dzejas dienas”, check on our webpage. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter. „Dzejas dienas” festival is held in cooperation with The Culture Capital Foundation in Latvia, Riga City Council and „Rīga 2014” Foundation.


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