Event of The Nature History Museum at „Esplanāde 2014"

Event of The Nature History Museum at „Esplanāde 2014
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On 30 August from 14.00 to 18.00, The Nature History Museum of Latvia will visit and present the exposition „Dzintars laiku lokos”, also included into the European Capital of Culture programme. The event held at „Esplanāde 2014” will invite everyone to take part in educational activities and to „meet” museum exhibits.

Visitors will be able to find out more about the amber with the help from the erudite employees and to take part at the workshop „Kas paslēpies dzintarā?” („What hides into the amber?”).

The central event is a presentation of „Dzintars laiku lokos” that is going to be a stepping stone for museum projects „Dzintara ceļš” („The Amber Road”) within the European Capital of Culture programme. It is also included into the thematic line „Dzintara ādere” („The Amber Vein”) of next year’s programme.

This exposition will introduce with the Baltic amber while demonstrating its natural forms, diverse colour tones and the significant place in wide world amber funds.

The unique amber characteristics as the role of first material will be emhpasized at the exhibition in order to show why our region became more recognizable to ancient European cultures. Everyone will be able to get to know the natural amber and its use in several forms as well as using perspectives for a medical amber thread.

Also other entertaining and educational challenges will be prepared for „Esplanāde 2014” visitors on 30 August. Some exhibits from The Nature Museum collection will be demonstrated, someone might like to listen to the rustling sea in a shell or to explore a human’s skeleton as well as to play a game, or maybe to follow the adventures of a dinosaur.

„Esplanāde 2014” is an open office of "Rīga 2014” Foundation where several concerts, shows, performances, dance lessons and lectures are organized through whole summer as well as presentations of the European Capital of Culture programme. „Esplanāde 2014” is open until 13 September.


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