Riga comes to Sigulda!

Riga comes to Sigulda!
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On 1 September at 15.00, Latvian exposition „Iekšējā brīvība. Rīgas iela Venēcijā” („Inner freedom. Riga Street in Venice”) will be opened at Sigulda Rainis’ Park, 2 Raiņa Street. The exposition was presented at International Architecture Exhibition during the 13rd Venice Biennale in 2012 and was brought to Sigulda with the support of architect Līga Apine, „Rīga 2014” Foundation and „Other Side Studio” creative movement.

Latvian exposition was made in 2012 with the following motto: „Iekšējā brīvība kā nākotnes domāšanas arhitektūra” („Inner freedom as the future thinking architecture”). The exposition offered an insight into several fragments from facades and courtyards, therefore, it was made a „street inside a street”. Visitors could easily walk in Venice and suddenly see themselves reflecting in details from Brīvības Street facades.

The instalation is made from three parts. The first one reflects a facade from Brīvības Street made from a polished rustproof steel. Reflections from surrounding area make multi-dimensional perception option where Sigulda nature and Riga architecture elements overlap visually and flow together. This object will be presented at Rainis’ Park where a nature reflection on facades of Brīvības Street play the leading role. The second part of the exposition is located behind the instalation, steel is partly replaced with an authentic wooden texture that was brought from courtyard construction from Brīvības Street. It defines Riga courtyards where suburbian wooden building from the 19th century is still preserved. Alongside there is a recreation square of Rainis’ Park that will be made as courtyard from Brīvības Street house.

The third part is made as a portal that is located in the centre of the instalation. In there, visitors are surrounded with steel mirror texture where they can see themselves in multiplied pictures. Therefore, the instalation allows to see themselve and to find our inner freedom.

This instalation will be located in the city centre of Sigulda until the end of 2014, it is the time when Sigulda will be an official partner of Riga, The European Capital of Culture.


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