Producer of „White Night”: business does not exist without art

Producer of „White Night”: business does not exist without art
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On 7 September, contemprary culture forum „White Night” will be held in order to offer contemporary arts and other activities in 57 Riga locations. Festival producer Madara Gruntmane tells she is glad that more than a half of this year’s events are community intiatives organized by residents themselves. Because of those initatives, „White Night” events are not organized in Riga centre only but also include suburban districts and creative quarters opening a new perspective for Riga locations and making those places desirable to business people.

„White Night” events will be organized in Riga centre and Pārdaugava most intensely, for instance, at Spīķeri Quarter, Kalnciema Street, Miera Street, VED territory as well as Riga Central Market and other places. „Jaunā Teika” new apartment district will join the programme for the first time.

Sarkandaugava represents itself strongly this year where the local community will organize a wide programme.

One of their main „White Night” meeting points is created after a Finnish artist Heidi Henninen resided in Riga and inspired my making her art projects in Sarkandaugava during the project „Rīgas dzejas karte” („Riga Poetry Map”).

There is a growing tendency to find new places and to renovate destroyed districts and make those places more lively. Gruntmane says that Spīķeri and Andrejsala was completely a new thing, creatives came and made projects in places where there was practically nothing going on. Artists fought and supported the places with their private fundings or without it.

For now, Spīķeri is a prestige city district where art incubators are exchanged with business. Therefore, this district gains interest for entrepreneurs to set up offices, shops or restaurants, it is now one of Riga tourist attractions.

The same happened in Andrejsala. Five or six years ago there were artists who resided in there, some workshops and concerts were held. Right now, restaurants and shops are located in Andrejsala.

„In fact, artists did this sacred and important work by gaining interest in those abandoned districts and territories, therefore, they made those places lively with several activities which will be presented in „White Night”,” says Gruntmane.


 „Of course, the attitude is conflicting- is such kind of a development good or bad? Because, as soon as business comes in, artists are left with no environment they actually created. On the other side, something new has to be searched again, for instance, it is Sarkandaugava and Vecmīlgrāvis this year. In any case, this process indicates that business does not exist without art.

Culture sometimes drives all the activities so that something might work in general.”

Interest about „White Night” grows only wider. To not get confused of the wide programme, organizers advise using an interactive map with event descriptions from the official programme on „White Night” website. On 7 September at 14.00, full information about „White Night” programme and activities will be available at info point next to Laima clock.

This year’s slogan for „White Night” will be „Atver durvis!” („Open the door!”), events will happen at shops, clubs, galleries, exhibition halls, residental districts, churches and elsewhere.

Traditionally, spectators are invited to „Skaņu mežs” festival concert at St. Saviour’s Anglican Church.

„Survival Kit 5” programme, exhibitions and interactive objects at Spīķeri Quarter as well as the project „Videogrāfija” at Riga Congress Centre will be offered to „White Night” visitors. The newest film screenings will be held at the parking lot of Riga Congress Centre, but new music bands will perform at the vegetable pavilion of Riga Central Market.

Guests from European countries will visit Vērmane Dārzs and „Ziemeļblāzma” culture castle where the splendid British cirque group „Gandini Juglling” will perform. Scientists from Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics will dispel borders between the arts and the natural sciences during the project „Vakuuma enerģija” („Vacuum energy”) at Riga Arts Space. But at „Film Courtyard”, worst movies in the world will be screened.

 „White Night” activities will be held at „Rīga 2p14” culture summer house „Esplanāde 2014” where visitors will be invited to join projects made by European and local artists. Reality dance, experience of another cities, saving residents of the village, „Sajūtu konteineri” and grafitti as well as many other things will be presented in there.

To find out more about „White Night” activities, click here



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