Welcome to our new cultural portal!

Welcome to our new cultural portal!
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
08-04-2013 A+ A-
As they say, patience pays back. And that could ring true in regard of the process of building the foundation 'Riga 2014's cultural portal. It is fair to say that we have been chronically short for sleep, for the last couple of weeks, let alone being able to enjoy some of the Easter break, which alas is only normal, while the projects of this scale get shaped.

Well, so much for the reasonable norm of whining and self-praise. Now, it is time for the reader – or for the user of the portal, to be more precise, to appraise – let us hope - how the portal looks. So, the text, photography, video and recorded audio programs or other material will not be everything the portal offers. It will also be open for adding the users’ own textual and visual content and – not only in the commentary division. Everybody registered in the portal will be able to place any cultural news touching on their lives, reflect on a recently attended event or post poetry they are ready to share.  

‘By the way, the commentary division also will be enabled strictly for those, who are registered in the portal. Yes, you understood it right! We will have none of the anonymous bad-mouthing – only cultured commentators, who are not afraid to discuss a news or an article without the protection of a false identity!’   
Therefore, what is the idea of the cultural portal, created by the foundation 'Riga 2014'? Are we going to write only about the features of 'Riga – European Capital of Culture' program leaving out the rest of the cultural panorama? We can proudly say just the opposite – the users of the portal will be offered cultural news from all over Latvia and worldwide, contextually, representing 'Riga 2014' events and their creators, of course. We will offer the view of the cultural calendar, which, for the time being, will primarily cover the newly announced 'Riga 2014' program. By the way, another of the bonuses offered to the registered users of the portal is possibility to create their own calendars of cultural events from the program offered.

Our arch line is to create an inclusively viewed culture-oriented portal, which is neither commercial, nor yellow (let it be just one of the ground colors of our design!) or political and which will invite the participation of other media in order to join forces to be able to demonstrate to everyone that culture is nothing heavy footed or weighed down by problems, but – a staple product for our everyday use!

‘Join us in this process and we will all be winners as a result!’

With genuine and cultural pleasure – the executive editor of the new portal Kaspars Zavileiskis and our excellent team, joined by the representatives of already well-established mass media and other cultural entities: deputy executive editor Una Griškeviča, editor of the user division and photographer Mārtiņš Otto and photo-editor Kaspars Garda, proof-reader Inese Girviča, Latvian – Russian translator Tatjana Ličkovska, Latvian – English translator Aija Uzulēna and Mr. Uncultured (all in the group picture).

P. S. From April 11, the most important material in the portal will be also available in Russian and English.



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