Gutenberg’s return – to Riga 2014

Gutenberg’s return – to Riga 2014
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The soon to be finished building of the National Library of Latvia is seen as a significant venue of 'Riga 2014 – European Capital of Culture' program. The Castle of Light is planned to invite the public to exhibitions, concerts, congresses, conferences and film demonstrations in 2014.

500 years of the Book 1514-2014, exhibition in July to December

Exhibition ‘500 years of the Book 1514-2014,’ to be presented in the National Library, will be dedicated to 500 years of the printed book. It will be a modern, interactive and richly informative exposition centering on year 1514, when the book printing boomed and new reading habits came to be registered. The books will invite the viewer to take an exciting retrospective journey to the age 500 years remote from us, when Erasmus of Rotterdam, Martin Luther, Leonardo, Rafael, Titian, Durer lived and created, when the world’s geographical maps first saw the emergence of term America, when outstanding monarchs ruled, and the Renaissance was in its zenith years.

The unique rarities from libraries all around Europe will be complemented by the inter-active methods of presentation opening not only the sources of maximally wide information on printing, but also – history, geography, politics, religion, art, and music five centuries ago. Every month of the exhibition period will offer a lecture on the role of the book and culture in human and social life, given by such world-widely known thinkers as Umberto Eco.

The exhibition will coincide with series of academic readings ‘The Content of XXI Century’ visited by world’s leading authors of literature and the experts of culture. The Content of XXI Century, academic readings

August 2014 – January 2015 Academic readings ‘The Content of XXI Century’ are dedicated to the human history of reading. They will offer a story of the change in the modes of reading – manuscripts and the explosion of printing practice in 1514 turning into co-existence of printed and digital book in the period of 500 years. The process of manuscript being replaced with the printed book was a major turning point for cultural, social and economic environment. The general themes of readings: the heritage of printing in 500 years, libraries as cultural, educational, research and social centers, electronic environment and digital publications. The proceedings will offer the views of world level scholars on these issues.


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