Latvian Radio Choir at „Tenso days 2013” in Marseille

Latvian Radio Choir at „Tenso days 2013” in Marseille
Mārtiņš Otto, Rīga 2014 . Conductor Kaspars Putniņš
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Tuesday, on 17 September, Latvian Radio Choir went to Marseille (France), The European Capital of Culture in 2013, in order to take part at „Tenso days 2013” organized by Tenso Network Europe, informs the choir representatives.

„Tenso days” in Marseille are connected with „Vingt Lieux sur la Mer” festival, the event that is also a part of Marseille-Provence programme within The European Capital of Culture. Events are organized at two, recently opened, multi-functional culture centres „MuCEM” and „Villa Mediterranée” (France). One of TENSO members, choir „Musicatreize” (France) organizes the festival. Thus,  „Nederlands Kamerkoor” (the Netherlands),  „Coro Casa da Musica” (Portugal) and Latvian Radio Choir take parts.

International choir festival „Tenso days” is held in various European cities every year reflecting on the new choir music achievements in various genres. Also a seminar about several European choir music composing tendencies and traditions related to sociologic and historical aspects is held within „Tenso days”. Several choir music concerts and presentations are held, as well. „Tenso days” main focus is to search for the common and different aspects in Western/Mediterrean vocal music.

Masterclasses for composers will be organized for the first time at „Tenso days”. The idea author is Kaspars Putniņš, conductor at Latvian Radio Choir and the whole collective, as well.

Currently a new era has begun in professional choir music field where new aesthetic trends evolve sharply, the vocal expression is achieved with new methods and manners that often have roots in archaic cultural layers. During the masterclasses, a new programme will be made while taking ancient texts from the Song of Solomon. Eight composers from Near East and Europe such as Lasse Thoresen (Norway), Toivo Tulev (Estonia), Zad Moultaka (Lebanon), Bushra El-Turk (Lebanon/Great Britain), Vladimir Ivanoff (Germany), Franghiz Ali-Zadeh (Azerbaijan/Germany) will join including Santa Ratniece nd Mārtiņš Viļums from Latvia. They will learn Near East sounds and will explore unknown territories of Western choir music together with „Sarband” ensemble and Latvian Radio Choir. Therefore, it will offer new performance options and will create a unique workd of sounds in the context of Near East music.

Latvian Radio Choir will join the masterclasses and perform with the conductor Sigvards Kļava leading the choir when performing music pieces from K. Pētersons, M. Viļums, Dž. Hārvijs and A.Hilborgs.

TENSO composers' masterclasses will continue at the laboratory of Latvian Radio Choir and will finish with a new programme. Therefore, it will be presented in October, 2014, during „Tenso days 2014”, also included in the thematic line „Amber Vein”. „Tenso days” are organized in close cooperation with Ltvian Radio Choir, „Rīga 2014” and TENSO.

Tenso Network Europe unites the best European professional choirs and works as a significant choir music platform from 2005. 14 choirs from 10 European countries are included in TENSO.


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