„Neophon Ensemble” at Totaldobze Art centre

 „Neophon Ensemble” at Totaldobze Art centre
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23-09-2013 A+ A-
On Tuesday, 24th of September at 8.00 PM, at the Totaldobze Art Centre (Unijas Street 8/k2, Riga) a contemporary music concert will be held by the chamber orchestra „Neophon Ensemble”.

They visit Riga as a part of their North/East European tour. The concert will consist of a program from pieces by young composers living around the Baltic Sea  region.

During the concert, such pieces as Cecilia Damström's “Der Wald und Die Berge” (Finland), Lauri Mäntysaari's “Muove” (Finland), Platon Buravicky's “Ways-Beginnings, Points-Lines” (Latvia), Libero Mureddu's “Movements in Possible Histories” (Finland/Italy), and Konstantin Heuer's “Streichquartett” (Germany) will be heard. But as an introduction and conclusion, pieces from Morton Feldman's  cycle „The Viola in My Life” will be played.

This will be the first concert on the Neophon Ensemble's North/East concert tour.

„Neophon Ensemble” is an European chamber orchestra, based in Germany that plays contemporary avant garde chamber music of composers living today and now.

Entrance fee : 3 lats or 5 dobžiki (a special value provided by Totaldobze Art Centre).


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