„Science Cafe” opening new season – „Women and Science”

„Science Cafe” opening new season – „Women and Science”
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Friday on 27 September at 18.00, the new season of „Science Cafe” will be opened at University of Latvia curating an event „Women and Science”. The best female scientists from Latvia will join the opening event.

There have been several bias about women rights and skills as well as options to gain their knowledge through years to struggle with. Therefore, those issues will be a solid background for current discussions with female scientists who will tell about their experiences about career in science, how to combine work and family or hobbies.

Ruta Muceniece, the professor of the Faculty of Medicine at University of Latvia, will tell about new medicine search in nature as well as research about nature substance use. Līga Grīnberga, the leading researcher of Laboratory of Hydrogen Energy Materials at Institute of Solid State Psyhics, will speak about a passion to technical issues and phyisics of hers and other female scientists. Una Riekstiņa, the associate professor at Faculty of Medicine, will offer an insight into stem cells use in destroyed nerve tissue renewal, but Inese Čakstiņa, the biotechnologist of Cell Transplantation Centre at P.Stradiņš Clinical University Hospital and also the researcher of Faculty of Biology at The University of Latvia, will tell about the following theme „Ceļojums no mikro uz makro” („A journey from micro to macro”).

At the end, Elīna Pajuste, the leading researcher at Institute of Chemical Physics of The University of Latvia, will present the following theme „Sieviete un kodolsintēze” („A woman and nucleosynthesis”

The event is curated in cooperation with UNESCO programme „Women in Science” and L'OREAL Latvia (special thanks to Estere Braķe), the organisation that offered scholarship to all event participants.

Juris Šteinbergs, a molecular biologist, will host the event this season, as well.

Radio NABA show (93,1 FM) „Zinātnes vārdā” („In the name of science”) will warm up the 24 September event, shortly before „Science Cafe”. Līga Grīnberga and Elīna Pajuste will be the radio guests speaking to Jānis Daugavietis and Sandris Mūriņš.

On 26 September, an interview with Inese Čakstiņa, one of the participants at „Science Cafe”, will be published on „Rīga 2014” portal.

On 27 September at 21.00, shortly after „Science Cafe”, a feminine science-ish gig will be held at Radio NABA music club „Nabaklab” where DJ girls from the radio as well as Russian band „Rollercoaster” and „Kirov” will perform.

„Science Cafe” and both concert and show from „Zinātnes vārdā” are included in the event cycle „RīgaPunkts” where the main aim is to promote science through various cultural activities including lectures, concerts, exhibitions and radio shows. In 2014, Riga becomes The European Capital of Culture, therefore, „Science Cafe” is included in the thematic line „Survival Kit”.

The aim of „Science Cafe” is to open a discussion in free and informal atmosphere noting issues about science that the society is interested in. It's a possibility to meet experts, to ask questions and to find out still unexplored about science. This time the issue is gonna be a harsh profession- scientist.

All „Cafe's” start soon after 18.00. The first 50 visitors get a free glass of juice. You can follow „Science Cafe” online on The University of Latvia webpage.

As previously said, on 27 September, „Scientist Night” events are held around Latvia coordinated by The University of Latvia and cooperation partners. To find out more about the programme, click here. Several events dedicated to University's 94th anniversary will be also held. To find this programme, click here.





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