Confused in mirrors. „Rīgas Paš | portreti” held at Bolderāja

Confused in mirrors. „Rīgas Paš | portreti” held at Bolderāja
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
23-09-2013 A+ A-
Last week, one of creative photography workshops called „„Rīgas paš | portreti” was held in Bolderāja. The project is also included in ”Rīga 2014" programme where visitors are able to make their own portraits in the historical multigraph technique. Professional photographers Kaspars Goba and Andrejs Strokins led the workshop, also the new space for Bolderāja artists was opened during the event.

Workshop organizers decided to focus on history of photography. Multigraph technique, in this case, was popular a hundred years ago, says Kaspars Goba.

The mirrors are set in fixed angles, and then the newly-made system is used in order to take photos. Therefore, five pictures are created simultaneously.

This technique was used in the first part of the twentieth century, the last evidences about multigraph in Europe come from Poland, in 1940s, but after World War II, this technique was not used, this is what both photographers found out.

It's significant that several old photo pieces were found in Bolderāja while the workshop was still in process. A photographer had taken those during the first Republic of Latvia, his workroom was located on a boat, so mostly sailors were photographed. It came as a big surprise that this photographer used to live in neighbour house and, it's possible, took pictures of the locals.


The historical photo system was rebuilt at Rucka estate where artist residence was set, but the original self-portraits were tested during Cēsis city festival.

Kaspars Goba tells that visitors were really responsive to this project in Bolderāja. Seniors, children and even the local fishermen as well as the young people and guests from The Latvian Centre of Contemporary Art wanted to take photos of themselves. Goba also invites to follow further information, soon, the next workshop will be announced.

„It took time to find out the details of this technique, some tricks worth to use,” tells Kaspars Goba. He notes that a self-portrait is quite a tricky genre, people really looked a bit confused in mirrors, therefore, the strange uncomfortable feeling went even bigger for them. It is completely different sense of time and space when you see yourself in four other reflections, but you are the one who is seen in the fifth one. Thus, it's also a new optical experience. People asked lots of questions after the photo session and were interested in it.

Most likely it won't be the last multigraph workshop in Bolderāja, but particularly created mirror system will stay at Bolderāja creative space, so, in future, another part of Bolderāja local people self-portraits will be organized. Anyone who is interested will be able to take their photos and, as in good old times, receive the photos after a day or two.



The project aim is to improve citizen's involvement into creative processes by expressing their own local and personal identity through self-portraits.

„Rīgas Paš | portreti” is a part of „Laikmetīgi pašportreti” („Contemporary self-portraits”), a project for international participation and community improvement, ISSP Foundation organizes the event in cooperation with Turku Art Academy (Finland), Art Academy of Estonia, National College of Art and Design (Ireland), Bildmuseet Museum (Sweden).

„Rīgas Paš I portreti” are included in the thematic line „Road map” in the programme of „Rīga 2014”.
EU programme for culture and „Rīga 2014” Foundation provide the project funding.


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