The beautiful Pārdaugava. Exhibition announced at Naive Art Museum

The beautiful Pārdaugava. Exhibition announced at Naive Art Museum
Ligita Zandovska
25-09-2013 A+ A-
From 1 to 14 October, the new exhibition where works from the autumn painting session are included will be open at the floating gallery „Noass” and „Beta Novuss” during the project „Es būšu muzejā” („I will be at the museum”). As Vita Jurjāne, one of the new painting project managers, told during the conversation with „Rīga 2014”, and, in fact, everyone is invited to discover their creative potential, develop creative activities or just get back to good old paintbrushes.

Six painting studios from „Cinobrs” Foundation took part at this summer's session and, therefore, continued the annual cooperation with „Noass” and „Beta Novuss” manager Dzintars Zilgalvis. „Our work with Dzintars and Naive Art Museum started when the museum was located in Andrejsala. It's now set on AB pier, but we still cooperate with them,” tells Vita (also Ilze Strekavina and Māra Zītare led „Skaistā Pārdaugaa 2013” session - edit.) who also adds that the session is held for the third time and definitely will continue in 2014 when Riga becomes The European Capital of Culture.



Rain is not an obstacle for painting

„We were not that many, four to six people from each studio. We painted while walking the route and divided by two or three people in one group, so that works would be as various as possible,” explains the session manager and also tells with a smile on her face that the weather has been great so far, but last Saturday, heavy rain started mostly in streets of Āgenskalns where the session was held, so only the two bravest artists stayed until the end.

When asked about the session aim (no wonder it's called „Skaistā Pārdaugava” („The beautiful Pārdaugava”) !), Vita explains that it was important to recognize the most beautiful spots in Pārdaugava that are not basically sightseeing views, instead, those places are suburb areas where people sometimes even don't bother to go or to look up in order to see the beautiful and splendid view. While telling this, she also ponts out that people who are fond of painting and arts are together in this session who also think in the same level. „Of course, painting sessions are held under the roof mostly, but in summers and warm autumn days, or, say, spring, nobody really wishes to sit in a room, so we go out, organize outdoors painting sessions. When there is the upcoming ”Rīga 2014„ programme, we are focused on Riga.” Sessions are held in the city centre, but this time, it was organized in Pārdaugava on purpose, so that everyone could discover new things.

„Those were unbelievable discoveries! There were streets we could not walk through in any other case. The architecture in there is as beautiful as in the centre!”

On 21 September, the session participants got the chance to see in Sloka, Lapu, Nometņu, Daugavgrīva, Smiļģis streets. Some participants painted instantly, but others walked the route, made sketches or even took photos, so that it could be used in art pieces afterwards. „There are people who like to work on site. We had a plan to paint from eleven am to three pm, those who liked the process very much stayed until six pm.”



A neighbour encourages to paint

How did the locals received the painting session? „People came and watched a bit, but no negative attitude. Of course, except few of them who did not like a thing. But they did not bother us,” sums up Vita who also explains that both people with previous experience as well as those who have always wanted to paint took part at the session.


"They just did not have the courage to paint, but then saw a neighbour going to our sessions who says "we are doing so great", so they think and decide- yes, I could try, as well!"

So they take each other's hand and come, sometimes, when a person takes a paintbrush, it's clear that something good is gonna come out of this! But other times, people are afraid of painting and, as soon as they start, you could not imagine it's their first time. To allow yourself try new things, it's important," says Vita with certainty.



The painting session will be closed with an exhibition set up this Saturday. Vita Jurjāne says - we'll see how it goes.

"We find it interesting too. We hope there will be visitors who come and inspire themselves to find interest in arts. We have an eight-people group who are the most active, and then there is the rest who come and go. And then they turn up after a year or so. Of course, you can't say that painting is cheap, but, as soon as you "taste" it, you know what a good paint means, and what is the feeling of finishing your art work, well, then it continues," says Vita.


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