British artist David Raymond Conroy joins „Rīgas dzejas karte”

British artist David Raymond Conroy joins „Rīgas dzejas karte”
Publicity photo . British artist David Raymond Conroy
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British artist David Raymond Conroy lives in the residency of Eugene Pastor founded by „Orbīta” literary movement. Therefore, he is preparing an artwork about Riga surroundings and also joins „Rīgas dzejas karte” („Riga Poetry Map”), an event included in the thematic line „Ceļu karte” („Road map”) of „Rīga 2014”.

Thursday, on 26 September at 19.00, everyone is invited to an informal meeting with the artist at bar „Vieta” („The Spot”) where he will introduce with his creative work (in English).

While living in Riga, Conroy explores the city and searches inspiration. He tells: „I am interested in exploring ideas about the values and opinions. I know that I am keen on things that seem authentic and true and makes this unique sense of directness. At the same time, I realize that this directness as a quality or characteristics actually does not exist.”


„I can't really explain how I got to the idea that something can be either authentic or artificial, but those are the things I try to see in everything. I make my verdict on things as well as value them, but I would like to find out why I do such a thing and how I get to this. How does it work, can it be changed somehow? These are the few basic questions I wish to include in my artwork.”

The artist has studied at the Royal College of Art in London as well as Sheffield Hallam University. Conroy works mainly with photography and installations.

„Rīgas dzejas karte” is a long-term project of „Orbīta” that is founded in 2012 and closes in November, 2014. „Dzejas karte” unites new media artists and poets from Latvia and other European countries, each of them choses one of Riga suburbian areas and documents it through discussions with the locals or other creatives while they spend time at their residences. An interdisciplinary artwork will be made that is directly related to Riga. Artworks will be presented in several exhibitions, but „Rīgas dzejas karte” will be made as a virtual platform at the project closing in 2014.

The project „Rīgas dzejas karte” is supported by „Rīga 2014” Foundation, art gallery „Noass” and ABLV Charitable Foundation.



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