First masterclass of „Deja iziet pilsētā” this week!

First masterclass of „Deja iziet pilsētā” this week!
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Flemish choreographer Koen Augustijnen from the well-known dance company „Les Ballets C de la B” visited Riga from 1 to 5 October in order to lead choreography masterclasses at „Ziemeļblāzma” culture palace. While preparing for the upcoming „Rīga 2014” event „Deja iziet pilsētā”, he found a moment to answer some questions for „Rīga 2014” culture portal.

Workshop will be held at „Ziemeļblāzma” culture palace with ten Latvian dancers from the new generation. This will be not only a professional experience for our dancers who also get to know „Les Ballets C de la B” characteristics and style. It is also gonna be the new beginning for cooperation in 2014 when Riga becomes The European Capital of Culture. During that time, Koen Augustijnen will work on a new performance show with Latvian dancers.

„Les Ballets C de la B” has been a worldwide known company for several decades, but, still, it surprises with brand new original projects.

Company was founded by Alain Platel in 1984, and now it has become an artistic platform where there is a large spectrum of authors who offer various performances. Koen Augustijnen is one of four active choreographers from „Les Balles C de la B”, at large, their work reveals the unique style of the company itself. Augustijnen's style is often described as emotional, diverse performance where tradition meets pop culture and explodes in a thrilling dance. Augustijnen looks through anthropology perspective while putting participants and their stories at the very central position of the show.

Koen started his artistic career as a dancer in Platel's production. Koen later worked in choreography and got recognized via documentary drama „Ernesto” (2000), it's a solo of Chilean hiphop dancers from Brussel suburbs. He later got an international attention with such performances as „bache” (2004), „Import/Export” (2006) and „Ashe” (2009). Through this material, he explored his desire on baroque music joining string quartet, opera solists, dancers and acrobats in one virtuoso group and showed emotionally intense stories about modern human life and its paradoxes.

In his performance „au-dela” (2011), Augustijnen focused on jazz music and made a surreal landscape on a stage introducing artists in their forties by using their experienced bodies as carriers of past information in order to research „life after life”.

The newest production „Badke” (2013) is made in cooperation with Palestinian dancers and is based on their traditional celebration dance mixed with pop culture elements. This creative work explores the Palestinian contradiction between „to belong” and to be free from the world's orders.

To find more about „Les Ballets C de la B” and production of Koen Augustijnen, click here

Koen Augustijnen's workshop is a part of „Deja iziet pilsētā” project curated by The New Theatre Institute of Latvia. It will be carried out in 2014 when several international choreographers are going to visit Riga in order to research the dance potential outside the centre and make shows and events in urban environment. At the same time, the project will be held in two more European cities Terni (Italy) and Krakow (Poland) ending with a common creative laboratory in Riga, October 2014.



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