“Rīga 2014” information days held in Umea

“Rīga 2014” information days held in Umea
Mārtiņš Otto, Rīga 2014 . Lute player Laima Jansone
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In Umea, The European Capital of Culture in 2014 as well as Riga, „Rīga 2014” information day and performance by Laima Jansone were held on 24 to 25 September.

Such representatives of „Rīga 2014” as programme manager Aiva Rozenberga, Kristīne Budže, Umea cooperation project manager and Anna Muhka, international communication manager went to Umea these days. Presentation events of „Rīga 2014” were held at Umea centre, „Glashuset” or so called „Glass House” which has the similar concept as „Esplanāde 2014”.

„Rīga 2014” delegates met programme managers of „Umea 2014” in order to discuss the opening programme for The European Capital of Culture, but Umea guests were able to explore „Rīga 2014” programme at „Glashuset”.

Also lute player Laima Jansone went to Umea and performed 40 minute programme at „Glashuset”. She mixes the traditional lute playing with contemporary improvisations. Jansone is the only musician from Latvia who took part at the official programme of WOMEX World Music Expo.

Also a cycling exhibition „Riga in 24 hours” was opened at the library of Umeå University during the meeting of „Rīga 2014” representatives. New Latvian designers curated this project. Therefore, the basic idea is to use a cycling mechanism that puts you through a symbolic twenty-four hour journey in Riga city surrounded with tempations and charm.

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