Not to be ashamed of painting. Naive Art Museum invites

Not to be ashamed of painting. Naive Art Museum invites
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
02-10-2013 A+ A-
From Tuesday, 1 October, artwork exhibition from two painting workshops, „Svētki pilsētā” („Celebration in the city”) from the spring session and „Skaistā Pārdaugava” („The beautiful Pārdaugava”) from the autumn period, will be held at galleries „Noass” and „Beta Novuss” from Naive Art Museum. The project is organized within the project „Es būšu muzejā” („I will be at the museum”). „We selected around thirty works in order to exhibit them for two weeks until 14 October,” sums up Dzintars Zilgalvis, the gallery manager.

One of project managers Vita Jurjāne already told „Rīga 2014” about „Skaistā Pārdaugava” autumn workshop, but the spring period was mainly connected to 4 of May celebration and „Cilvēks pilsētā” („A human in the city”) event organized at AB Pier where art school pupils and others took part.

„They have done a really great work, and for me it's such a great pleasure to discover several ”naive talents„. I even might get some splendid paintings for Naive Art Museum collection or curate a personal exhibition. So, yes, I am really glad about this workshop,” tells gallery manager.


He also agrees to what Jurjāne said about all exhibition visitors who might get inspired to take a paintbrush and make a piece of art themselves. „That was the main idea to encourage people for such a gorgeous thing as painting, drawing, or any other artform in order to express themselves!”

Besides, Dzintars points out, the title itself „Naive Art Museum” should not withhold from trying to make some works or be confusing in some way:

„I hope people know that it's not insulting. The museum is a unique and nice place for artists to exhibit! So, everyone is invited to come, see and get sparkles in their eyes!”

Ligita Zandovska, the member of „Kolorīts” painting studio, will also exhibit her works. She admits that painting is one of her childhood dreams and a challenge to try new things in life.


„Painting is my unrealized childhood dream. I have always wanted to do this. Only four years ago, I had some more time on my hands and realized that I should spend it on activities that fulfill me. So, for me, it’s such a great hobby!” She thinks that it’s the right way how to draw back from the grey daily routine, stress and tiredness.

 „It’s often raining now, but, when I think of those grey natural colors I could use in my work, it all makes sense. That is the charming size of painting.”

She feels motivated when there is a chance to exhibit her work, because the upcoming exhibition requires to pull herself together while thinking about the final result. „It’s nice to direct yourself towards the result, otherwise there is no progress.”


The artist thinks that the most suitable time for painting is autumn, in summers, there is too much green color, and it takes advanced skills in order to be able to paint all the details. „When there are lots of colors, tones and shades, it’s the best time for arts.”

Although Ligita finds Naive Art Museum a very close and special place for her (she started to work with the museum four years ago), she does not call herself naivist. „Definitely, I am not a naivist, because it is such a fine and delicate genre. Not everyone can be naivist. It’s a unique talent and attitude. Indeed, we are suitable for Naive Art Museum with the fact that we are not professional artists, most likely amateurs. Still, there may be several works who have some details of naivism genre.”



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