European directors shooting a documentary about Riga

European directors shooting a documentary about Riga
Dace Dzenovska . Ivars Seleckis filming in Ķīpsala
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While waiting for the upcoming events related to Riga - The European Capital of Culture, an active work is held in order to create „Force Majeure. Rīga” documentary.

Seven stories from European documentary directors will be presented in the film that is made in cooperation with Latvian social anthropologists. The main narrative is related to Riga suburbs and people’s stories about their life in Riga. Dāvis Sīmanis will manage the final work in order to bring those stories together in one thematic line.

The city space, rhythm, texture and people always serves as an inspiration for an artist to create new works that can become valuable in order to express portraits of our generation, place and lifestyle.

The film will present a story about Riga we have not yet explored,” explains Gundega Laiviņa, the curator of the thematic line „Road Map”, the one that's inluded in „Rīga 2014” programme.

German director Rainer Komers is staying in Riga until 7 October while preparing his short film about Daugavgrīva. He has worked in Latvia before, during the process of „Latvijas vasara” film in 1992. The director is on his research trip this week, but the filming starts next spring.

Saturday, on 5 October, Estonian director Jaak Kilmi visits Riga for one day in order to explore the harvest celebration in Lucavsala.

J. Kilmi has been in Riga several times. He currently works on a story about Lucavsala community and traditions while working together with social anthropologist Agnese Cimdiņa.

Several directors have joined for the filmmaking. These are: Ivars Seleckis from Latvia, Bettina Henkel from Austria, Audrius Stonys from Lithuania, Jon Bang Carlsen from Denmark, Sergei Loznitsa from Belarus. The film story will reflect on modern Riga. It is produced in cooperation with seven diectors and Latvian social anthropologist. „Force Majeure. Rīga” is a project of „Mistrus Media” film studio.

The premiere of „Force Majeure. Rīga” is held in September, 2014.



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