Apply for „Lielā talka” until 27 October!

Apply for „Lielā talka” until 27 October!
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
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„Lielā talka” is offering a new deadline, 27 October, for those apartment residents who still wish to apply for courtyard cleaning activities, informed the organizers.

Every Riga apartment resident is invited to register their own courtyard for „Lielā talka” competition that is organized for the fifth time this year, in Riga. The main focus of „Lielā talka” event is on  improvement and various planting possibilities for courtyard territories.

People from "Lielā talka” are willing to make courtyards a beautiful and harmonic places for every resident operating in close cooperation with „Rīga 2014- The European Capital of Culture”.

Four courtyards registered for the competition will be restructured by residents with the help of professional landscape architects, gardeners, architecture students and environmental designers from several Latvian high schools. In addition to that, also free consultations from landscape architects will be offered this year.

To apply for the courtyard competition, you have to take some courtyard photos and set up a meeting with your neighbours where the main problems and possible improvements for your own courtyard territory should be discussed. The main activities will follow in 2014 during „Lielā talka” time when you should be ready and willing to join the improvement work - planting trees and flowers, painting, creating playgrounds and other activities. 

The project is supported by „Rīga 2014”. The jury will look through the received applications and will announce four winning courtyards in the beginning of November, 2013. Architecture students, environmental designers as well as professional landscape architects, gardeners and architects will create an improvement plan, will meet the residents in order to discuss their options and requirements. The final project will be made and coordinated in six months, so that the real work in four winning courtyards could start at „Lielā talka” in April, 2014.

To find more about courtyard competition and application, click on „Lielā talka” webpage, then select „Pagalmi” („Courtyards”) and „Rīga 2014”.


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