Don't Miss Registration for the Games!

Don't Miss Registration for the Games! . The last World Quire Olympics was held in Cincinnati, USA
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The World Choir Games, which are to take place in Riga, Latvia, in July 9-19, 2014, surely, will be one of the central events of 'Riga 2014' program of the European Capital of Culture panorama. The World Choir Games, planned to hold competitions in 29 categories opening a niche for every kind of choir singing collective, first of all, invite to apply every one of them from Latvia.

As conductor and one of the artistic directors of the choir Games R. Vanags mentioned in the press conference, the interest about the up-coming contest is  significant already and he expressed hope that not only the well-known and internationally recognized choirs from Latvia, but even the smallest groups of choir singers from our local municipalities will be eager to test their potential in the widest choir singing event in the world: ‘The World Choir Games is an event, not expected to return to Latvia again in the foreseeable future, therefore it should not be missed.’

R. Vanags also indicated that Latvian choirs demonstrate great interest in the Games 2014 and reminded that the registration is open from April 10. ‘Although the registration deadline is September 15, it would not be advisable to delay it till the last moment, since, this time, the change introduced is the following: the ones to apply the first will enjoy wider possibilities in terms of participation in the Games,’ Vanags explained, indicating that, since Latvia is the state to host the next World Choir Games, Latvian collectives have the benefit of special provisions, such as lower participation fee, for example.

Besides, the organizers of the Games have already decided that the laureates of the Choir wars of the XXV Latvian Song festival in the categories of female, male and mixed choirs will be presented the possibility to participate in the Champion category of the World Choir Games free of charge and selection.’

On my travels through Latvia this year, assessing our choirs in the reviews, which are now on the way, I will be glad to advise the singers on the choice of the World Choir Game categories – champions or basic – they are best to apply. The participation fee, in turn, will depend on the categories, which the choirs will choose: for example, only  the group of the mixed choirs or also to competitions as interprets of folk music or sacral music. But three categories for a choir will be the limit,’ added Vanags.

From the left: Romāns Vanags, Diāna Čivle, Piroshka Horvath, Gabor Hollerung. Photo: Kaspars Garda, 'Riga 2014'

Romāns Vanags and the head of the foundation 'Riga 2014' Diāna Čivle also indicated that, so far, there are no limitations posed on the number of choirs from Latvia invited to apply for the Games. ‘A great number of the collectives are willing to participate, of course, as this is a unique chance to demonstrate our choir singing traditions to the world. But it would not be the best to turn the World Choir Games into another Latvian Song and Dance festival.’

The representative of the organizers of World Choir Games Gabor Hollerung indicated, in turn, that one hundred choirs from Latvia have participated in this contest, in different categories, so far.

‘Latvia has been represented in different categories of World Choir Games by 100 choirs so far. Our summary of statistics attests that Latvia’s choirs have won 60% of Gold medals, 39% of Silver medals and one Bronze, while, in the world ranking of the best choirs, three collectives from Latvia have entered the top hundred.’

Let us remind that youth choir ‘Kamēr,’ conducted by Māris Sirmais, was fantastically successful in the World Choir Games in 2006, while the last WQG in Cincinnati, USA, was triumphal for the vocal group ‘Latvian Voices,’ which received the Gold and the champion’s title in the category of female choirs, while the choir ‘Sōla’ of the Latvian Academy of Culture won three medals – in the category of mixed choirs and as interprets of folk and sacral music.

‘I hope that these Games will be a noteworthy event for Latvian choirs, since the level of choir singing and choir music is very high in your country, and we as organizers have appraised that,’ Gabor Hollerung also said.

Latvia will be represented in the jury of the World Choir Games by experts in the field and conductors Mārtiņš Klišāns, Kaspars Putniņš, Andris Veismanis, Mārtiņš Ozoliņš, Selga Mence, Ēriks Ešenvalds, Rihards Dubra and others.

Complete information and terms of registration for the World Choir Games can be found on as well as on the new website

Prominent facts about World Choir Games 2014

·         The World Choir Games 2014 in Riga will take place on July 9-19

·         20 000 participants from more than 70 countries will arrive to Riga for this world event in choir music

·         International public event of this scale will be hosted by Riga for the first time

·         Choir contests will be held in 10 of the best concert halls in Riga  

·         The choirs will compete in 29 categories in the Games

·         The largest of the World Choir Games 2014 events will be the march of the participants through town and six mass concerts in ‘Arēna Rīga’, as well as the mass concert in the large forum of Mežaparks

·         The World Choir Games will offer master classes and seminars held by the stars of world choir music

·         The choir Games in Riga will see altogether 100 choir concerts presented

·         Summarily, more than 70 000 tickets will be available to the guests and public of Riga for the World Choir Games 2014

The organizers of World Choir Games present a unique possibility to the winners of ‘Choir wars 3’ of TV3 show to participate in the largest contest – the games of the Champions of the World Choir Games in the category of pop music / show.


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