Riga - The European Capital of Culture, represented in Brussels

Riga - The European Capital of Culture, represented in Brussels
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Tuesday on 15 October, the exhibition „Jūgendstila Rīga” curated by The National Library of Latvia will be opened at the Baltic Way lobby of the European Parliament. It is planned that „Latvian Voices” vocal group will open the exhibition with a splendid performance.

The event was initiated by the European Parliament member Inese Vaidere, curated in cooperation with „Rīga 2014” Foundation and supported by The Embassy of Latvia in Belgium. It will represent the latest musical trends and the most delicious food from Latvia and Riga.

„Latvia is a unique place in the world. Despite all the challenges and hard times through many centuries, Latvian people have survived and kept its unique nature. Before the upcoming events of Riga - The European Capital of Culture, I wanted my colleagues to experience the best we’re proud of - Latvian folk songs, Art Nouveau in Riga and the greatest food produced by the local companies,” tells Inese Vaidere.

„Latvian Voices”, the ambassadors of  World Choir Games and the musical symbol of  Riga - The European Capital of Culture, will perform the most beautiful Latvian folk songs, but several food production companies from Latvia will offer various traditional delicacies.

„We are a very special nation with strong roots and powerful cultural traditions, our own language and, what’s most important, our country. We have so many to be proud of, and I’m sure that colleagues from the European Parliament will be surprised of what we can offer. For instance, in 2008, I brought Latvian Song and Dance Celebration, an event included in UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List,” tells the member of the European Parliament.

The exhibition „Jūgendstils Rīgā” in Brussels will be open from 15 to 18 October.


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