Latvian choirs are invited to participate in WCG concert at Mežaparks

Latvian choirs are invited to participate in WCG concert at Mežaparks
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
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„Rīga 2014” Foundation invites Latvian choirs to apply for World Choir Games concert that will be held at The Grand Stage of Mežaparks on 13 July.

Choirs from all around the world will take part at the concert. The classics of Latvian choir music will introduce a splendid voyage with the traditional rhythms and songs from Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, North America and various European countries. Choir music from all three Baltic countries will be particularly highlighted.

 „It will be the first time in history of WCG when singers from various countries perform a united repertoire.

For foreign choir singers, it will be a great opportunity to get to know the traditions of Song and Dance Celebration while performing Latvian classical choir music,” informs Romāns Vanags, the author of the idea and creative director at WCG.

At the first part of the concert, Latvian choirs will perform songs from the repertoire of Song and Dance Festival including „Gaismas pils” (J. Vītols, Auseklis), „Manai Dzimtenei” (R. Pauls, J. Peters), Latvian traditional folk song „Jāņuvakars” (arrangement by E. Melngailis), “Mūžu mūžos būs dziesma” (V. Kaminskis, I. Ziedonis), latvian folk song „Rozēm kaisu istabiņu” (arrang. by Oļģerts Grāvītis), “Mēness starus stīgo” (E. Dārziņš, Aspazija), Latvian folk song „Visi ceļi guniem pilni” (arrang. by Uģis Prauliņš), "Dziedot dzimu, dziedot augu” (arrang. by Alfrēds Kalniņš). Foreign choir singers who wish to perform a full concert programme will have to learn the Latvian repertoire too.

From Estonian part, a song „Muisamaa on minu arm” (Gustav Ernesaks, Lydia Koidula) will be performed at WCG, but from Lithuania it will be „Kur giria žaliuoja” ((Juoza Gudavičius, Jonass Vanagaitis).

The united choir of all WCG participants will perform „Saule, Pērkons, Daugava” (Mārtiņš Brauns, Rainis), „Va, Pensiero” (Giuseppe Verdi), „The Land of Hope and Glory” (Edward Elgar, A. C. Benson), american traditional song „Oh, Happy Day!” and the official WCG music piece „My Song” (Ēriks Ešenvalds, Rabindranath Tagore) and latvian folk song „Pūt, vējiņi” (arrang. by Jurjānu Andrejs).

Choirs from Latvia who wish to perform at the concert, are required to fill in the application form on until 10 November.

WCG will be a part of The European Capital of Culture programme held from 9 to 19 July. 20 000 participants from 70 countries will compete in 29 choir music categories including sacral and folk music, jazz, contemporary music, etc.

To find more information about WCG, click here and here.


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