Two „Survival Kit 5” exhibitions held in Sarkandaugava

Two „Survival Kit 5” exhibitions held in Sarkandaugava
Exhibition by Romans Korovins „Ты не одна” („You are not alone”)
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Two „Survival Kit 5” exhibitions are still open at „Dauderi” Museum in Sarkandaugava until 27 October, informs Elza Lāma, the representative of Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.

The following exhibitions are available for visitors: photo exhibition by Romans Korovins „Ты не одна” („You are not alone”) and an exhibition „Pazaudēt un atrast” („Lose & Find”) by „Blind Carbon Copy” curator platform anf British artist Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad.

In his exhibition „You are not alone”, Romans Korovins continues to explore themes that particularly characterize his works- researching all the small and casual things in life.

A separate story is revealed behind those casual, essentially meaningless moments that often reflects Korovin’s ironical attitude. He exhibits five large-scale photographies at the exhibition in „Dauderi” creating the museum into some kind of an altar for the casual everyday life.

Results from the „Survival Kit” workshop are collected at the exhibition „Lose & Find”. The exhibition with a similar title was already held in Sarkandaugava on 31 August and at „Dauderi” Museum led by British artist Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad and „Blind Carbon Copy” curator platform.

Game rules for Sarkandaugava exploration was created and tested during the workshop. New conditions for interaction in public space were offered, so were new, alternative communication, cooperation and acting models found.

„Dauderi” Museum is located in Riga, 30 Sarkandaugava Street and is open from Wednesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 17.00. The best way to go there is by tram Nr.5 or 9, arriving at „Aldaris” station or by minibus Nr. 267, arriving to the last stop.

International contemporary art festival „Survival Kit” was founded in 2009 as a reaction to the economy crisis consequences in Latvia. The festival is organized by The Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. A new and actual theme is set for the festival each year. Artists and creative industry professionals are invited to reflect on those themes and exhibit their works at „Survival Kit 5”. This year’s festival was organized from 5 to 15 September.




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