Forum dedicated to World War I held at „Splendid Palace”

Forum dedicated to World War I held at „Splendid Palace”
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„Rīga 2014” Foundation invites to register for an international forum related to World War I issues. The main question will be „When does history revive?” also including such issue as the changing paradigm of relationships between the human thought and the political authorities since WWI. The forum will be held on 12 November at „Splendid Palace”.

WWI changed direction of development in various fields including economics, architecture, arts and science. The title of the forum is „Pagrieziena punkts – pirms un pēc Pirmā pasaules kara, vēsture un mūsdienas. Latvija un Eiropa” (”The turning point - before and after WWI. History and nowadays. Latvia and Europe.").

A hundred years ago from the day World War I ended, several non-governmental organizations and leading intellectuals are still discussing issues related to WWI - what caused this war, its interconnections and long-term consequences, the changing country borders, leading political authorities, the terrifying war technologies affecting a human being and people’s reaction to this enormous history turning point.

On 12 November when the third international forum is held, the thematic line „Brīvības iela” from the official programme of „Riga- The European Capital of Culture” will be highlighted. Therefore, everyone is invited to think of their own inner freedom, the game between a human being and the political power.

The best historians, art and literature experts as well as political scientists from Europe and Latvia will take part at the international forum readings.

The following experts will take part at the forum: German literature professor Thomas Anz from University of Marburg, British military historian Max Arthur, Dr. Ursul Zeller, director at The Zeppelin Museum, Markku Jokisipila, director of Baltic Sea Region Studies centre, University of Turku, Nele Hertling, vice president at The Academy of Arts, Berlin, Žaneta Ozoliņa, professor in the department of Political Science, University of Latvia, Dr. Phil. Daina Teters, Dr. Hist. Ineta Lipša, assoc. prof. Sergejs Kruks, Dr. h. c. Imants Lancmanis, Dr. Hist. Ēriks Jēkabsons, Mg. Art. Rihards Pētersons, Diāna Čivle, Head of „Rīga 2014” Foundation, Gints Grūbe, curator of The Creative Council at „Rīga 2014” and thematic line „Brīvības iela”.

To register for the forum, phone: 67043639 or e-mail at: until 7 November. Entrance is free of charge. The forum will be held in Latvian, English and German (Latvian translation will be available), a live stream will be available on: „Rīga 2014”.


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