Academician Jānis Stradiņš speaking at Science Cafe

 Academician Jānis Stradiņš speaking at Science Cafe
Mārtiņš Otto, Rīga 2014
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Thursday, on October 24 at 18.00, the next „Science Cafe” curated by „RīgaPunkts” will be held at the cafe of University of Latvia. The following theme will be discussed this time: „Open access copyrights: heavy load or opportunity?”.

At "Science Cafe", issues about an intellectual work in Ancient World will be discussed. Writers in Ancient Greece considered themselves to be teachers, but Roman writers fulfilled the duties of politicians. They wrote not because to earn a living, but, so that they could get appreciation from other people. Authors had the rights to choose whether their work is to be published, they also could deny the use of their work, but there were no laws regarding property rights.

Currently, copyrights  is a legal concept giving the creator of an original work exclusive rights to it.

"Open Access" initiative or movement will be discussed at "Science Cafe" in order to improve and support access to electronic resources in educational and academic fields. The participants at the discussion will speak about the copyrights in the context of open access electronic resources use.

Mārcis Krūmiņš, lecturer at The Faculty of Law, University of Latvia, will tell about "Creative Commons" copyright licences also in the context of open access publishing.

Ģederts Ieviņš, Editor in Chief at "Open Access" magazine „Environmental and Experimental Biology”, will share his experience in creating a magazine content. Ingrīda Veikša, associated professor at The Faculty of Law, School of Business Administration "Turība", will discuss about giving works for free use and will characterize those processes in Latvia also mentioning law and regulations related to it.

Thomas Severiens, representative of European Network for Copyright in Support of Education and Science (ENCES), will offer an insight of "Open Access" movement and regulations in Europe, he also introduces with the possibilities to make a better environment for copyright use in science.

The aim of „Science Cafe” is to open a discussion in free and informal atmosphere noting issues about science that the society is interested in. It's a possibility to meet experts, to ask questions and to find out still the unexplored about science. The event, as usually, will be hosted by Juris Šteinbergs.

All „Cafe's” start soon after 18.00. The first 50 visitors get a free glass of juice. You can follow „Science Cafe” online on The University of Latvia webpage.

Previous "Science Cafe" recordings are available on

„Science Cafe” is a part of The University of Latvia included in the event cycle „RīgaPunkts” where the main aim is to promote science through various cultural activities including lectures, concerts, exhibitions and radio shows. In 2014, Riga becomes The European Capital of Culture, therefore, „Science Cafe” is included in the thematic line „Survival Kit”.



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