LSO collaborates with legendary pianist Paul Badura-Skoda

LSO collaborates with legendary pianist Paul Badura-Skoda
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In the last week of October the Liepaja Symphony Amber Sound Orchestra will travel to Klaipeda, Lithuania to participate in a joint cross-border project – a recording session and concert (at the Klaipeda Concert Hall on October 30th at 6PM) together with the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra, Belorussian pianist Rostislav Krimer and the legend of piano performance – Austrian artist Paul Badura-Skoda. The project will be led by the Estonian conductor Andres Mustonen.

As previously stated, the Liepaja Symphony Amber Sound Orchestra (LSO) plans to expand its scope of international cooperation projects. A good artistic relationship has already been established with the Klaipeda Concert Hall and Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra that currently employs several former musicians of the LSO.

“The artistic ambitions of the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra surpass the format of chamber orchestra; we, on the other hand, often need additional musicians for our string section. This will be the pilot project of our collaboration,” comments the director of the LSO Uldis Lipskis.

On the 28th of October the woodwind instruments section of the LSO will travel to Klaipeda to participate in a recording of Mozart’s music together with the Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra – the recording will be subsequently released in a CD format. The legendary Austrian pianist Paul Badura-Skoda will be amongst the soloists of this project. The pianist had reached an honourable age but since 1950 he has collaborated with a multitude of musical prominences including Wilhelm Furtwaengler and Herbert von Karajan. “He is fantastic – a true grand master of piano performance. I remember that the single piano music recording I used to listen to during my time at the conservatoire was Badura-Skoda with Dagmar Bella – in 1953 together with Furtwaengler they performed the same concerto that we are going to perform in Klaipeda. Let us see how it goes!” Uldis Lipskis expresses his admiration.

Under the leadership of one of the LSO’s favourite conductors Andres Mustonen from Estonia a recording will be made of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No.40, Concerto for two pianos KV 365 and Piano Concerto KV 271. On the 30th of October at 6PM this programme under the title “Legends of Piano Performance in Klaipeda” will be performed at the Klaipeda Concert Hall.

The collaboration with Klaipeda will continue this summer with a joint performance of Gershwin’s music by the Liepaja Symphony Amber Sound Orchestra and Klaipeda Chamber Orchestra at the opening concert of the Music Festival Liepaja Summer. A day later the same programme will be performed at the Klaipeda Summer Festival opening.


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