Riga shining in the colors of „Staro Rīga”

Riga shining in the colors of „Staro Rīga”
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Traditionally, „Staro Rīga” Festival will be held four evenings - from 15 to 18 November, and, therefore, it becomes a significant warm-up event to next year's European Capital of Culture programme.

This time, it will be six thematic lines within the programme of „Rīga 2014”: „Riga Carnival” („Rīgas karnevāls”), „Thirst for the Ocean” („Okeāna alkas”), „Survival Kit” („Izdzīvošanas komplekts”), „Road Map” („Ceļu karte”), „Amber Vein” („Dzintara ādere”), „Brīvības Street” („Brīvības iela'). Those will be six ”Staro Rīga" stories about joy. During the festival, 31 light objects will be presented in the city within the competition, collaboration programme and international projects.

The central route for the festival will be from Daugava river up to Jugla District with several branches in Old Town, Esplanāde, Miera Street and VEF Culture Palace as well as Teika Secondary School and Strazdumuiža. Also other light and installation objects will be presented in the surrounding areas - Kalnciems Quarter, "Lido" Recreation Centre, Culture Palace "Ziemeļblāzma".

Those objects who were registered for the festival will be presented during the upcoming events. Also other creative ideas will be shown at the opening weekend of European Capital of Culture from 17 to 19 January when "Staro Rīga" special edition will be held.

"Staro Rīga" Festival is one of the most popular events in cultural life of the capital city. It includes exhibitions of urban environment objects where the traditional city landscape changes by using contemporary light and video technologies. Apart from the festival offer, various stores, offices and other public places are now using light objects in their design on a daily basis allowing visitors to evaluate the beautiful lighting details on the darkest hours as well.

To find more about the festival, click on: www.staroriga.lv, Facebook and Twitter. The newest information on www.1188.lv as well as map and brochures during the festival will be available at the information centre "Rīga 2014", on the first floor of "Galleria Riga" shopping mall, 65 Dzirnavu Street.

"Staro Rīga" is supported by Riga City Council, "Lattelecom", other collaboration partners, international project funding from ES programme "Culture 2007-2013". "Staro Rīga" is organized by "Rīga 2014" Foundation, it is, therefore, included in the official programme of European Capital of Culture.




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