Discussion about heritage protection at „Science Cafe”

Discussion about heritage protection at „Science Cafe”
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
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Thursday, on November 14 at 18.00, the next „Science Cafe” will be held at The University of Latvia, 19 Raiņa Boulevard. This time, the main discussion will be related to 90 years of heritage protection in Latvia.

This time, „Science Cafe” is dedicated to 90th anniversary of Heritage Protection Board which was founded in 1923. From that time, heritage protection is being managed through institutions on a national level.

Andris Šnē, dean at the Faculty of History and Philosophy of University of Latvia, will explain the ideas of heritage protection and will tell about the first Latvian experience in this field.

Gunita Baumane, the man keeper of photo material collection at Latvian Museum of National History, well tel about Heritage Protection Board from 1920 to 1930. Mārtiņš Mintaurs, assistant professor of the Faculty of History and Philosophy, will tell about heritage protection in Soviet Union after World War II. Jānis Asaris, the manager of Riga Regional Office at State Inspection for Heritage Protection, will highlight the actual issues in this field.

Juris Šteinbergs, a molecular biologist, will host the event, as usually. You will be able to watch it online on: www.lu.lv. Previous „Science Cafe” recordings are still available on the University’s website.

Before the event, also radio show „Zinātnes vārdā” („In the Name of Science”) will be broadcasted via Radio NABA (FM 93,1) on November 12 at 18.00. Gunita Baumane and Mārtiņš Mintaurs will be the guests. The radio show will be hosted by Jānis Daugavietis and Aija Fedorova. On November 16 at 22.00, a special gig dedicated to „Science Cafe” will be presented via Radio NABA where „Ghetto Girls” from Russia and „The Great Attractor” from Latvia will play radio shows, but DJ Duckee will play music set.

„Science Cafe” and both concert and show from „Zinātnes vārdā” are included in the event cycle „RīgaPunkts” where the main aim is to promote science through various cultural activities including lectures, concerts, exhibitions and radio shows. In 2014, Riga becomes The European Capital of Culture, therefore, „Science Cafe” is included in the thematic line „Survival Kit”.

The aim of „Science Cafe” is to open a discussion in free and informal atmosphere noting issues about science that the society is interested in. It's a possibility to meet experts, to ask questions and to find out still the unexplored about science.



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