„Dinamo Rīga” invites to join for the „Chain of Booklovers”

„Dinamo Rīga” invites to join for the „Chain of Booklovers”
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„Dinamo Rīga” hockey club and its technical director Armands Simsons have just released a promo video with their invitation to join „Chain of Booklovers„ campaign.

„Dear ”Dinamo„ fans and friends, we invite you to join ”Chain of Booklovers„,” says Armands Simsons who also points out that, in order to apply for the campaign, everyone can register at „Arēna Rīga” during the „Dinamo Rīga” games. „Let's help bringing books to the new library.”

On January 18, 2014, from 12:00 to 18:00, anyone will be able to join the campaign during which books will „travel” from the old library building to the new one by passing books from one person to the next one. This path of books will cross Daugava, symbolizing the fundamental values which have developed the core of our culture for many generations, and which are now immortalized in those books. This will be a truly unique event attracting international audience, yet holding a special place for the locals.

By taking part in this historic campaign, you can help transporting books from the old library building to the new one and become a participant in one of the events from the official programme of European Capital of Culture.

Registration for “Chain of Booklovers” has started, if you are over 16 year old, choose your time and location!

To register for the “Chain of Booklovers” you have to login or register on our website!


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