Riga residents are invited to create capital city's self-portrait

Riga residents are invited to create capital city's self-portrait
Kaspars Goba
15-11-2013 A+ A-
Within the project „Riga Self-Portraits” („Rīgas paš/portreti”), every Riga resident is invited to send in photo self-portraits in order to create a complete view of contemporary Riga.

All portraits are presented on: www.rigaselfportraits.com while showing the capital city through its virtuosity. The most interesting examples will be included at „Rīga 2014” exhibitions next year.

„Riga Self-Portraits” collaborates with „Riga Photo Month 2014” campaign „iRIGA” where Riga residents are invited to send in photos once in a month covering various themes. For November, it's gonna be „Self-portraits of Riga residents”.

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Riga residents who wish to take part at the campaign are invited to send in their own photos reflecting a story about the photographer himself/herself. Self-portrait does not mean taking a picture with people's faces only, a self-portrait may include emotions or a representation of a fictional' character. To join the campaign, no previous experience or special knowledge is required, just a bit of imagination.

„Riga Self-Portraits” is a project which represents a view of a modern Riga resident through his/her eyes and through artists' perspective. Therefore, people from Imanta, Bolderāja, Jugla and other suburban districts can take part in various creative workshops where they may try and take self-portraits with the support from Latvian and foreign visiting artists. The project itself allows to evaluate Riga city from different perspectives.

The following foreign artists have already led creative workshops in Riga: Vesa Aaltonen (Finland), Vincen Beeckman (Belgium), Eva Voutsaki (Greece/ Great Britain). Also Latvian artists take parts: Iveta Vaivode, Kaspars Goba, Andrejs Strokins and Andris Kozlovskis.

The results will be represented at a special exhibition, urban environment and various events in summer, 2014, and it is going to be a part of the official programme of European Capital of Culture.

„Riga Self-Portraits” are curated by „ISSP” Foundation, supported by EU Cultural Programme, „Rīga 2014” Foundation and Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia.

To find more about the project, click on: www.rigaselfportraits.com


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