More than 100 thousand people visited „Staro Rīga” Festival of Lights

More than 100 thousand people visited „Staro Rīga” Festival of Lights
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„Staro Rīga” Festival of Lights was held four days from November 15 to 18, overall, more than 100 thousand people attended the event. For this time, the main theme for the festival was switching on joy in our everyday life, and more than 30 lighting objects were put in the urban environment.

„Rīga 2014” Foundation thanks all festival participants who offered their ideas for lighting objects, as well as the technical crew, collaboration partners, supporters, owners of the buildings used at the festival lighting, the „shiny” volunteers from „Rīga 2014” and everyone else who switched on joy within those four days!

The Riflemen Square was the most popular spot for the festival days where each „Aerodium” show was appreciated greatly, and acrobats' skills were truly admired by everyone.

The show was presented abroad before „Staro Rīga”, and during the festival, it was the first time it was presented to Latvian audience. Object at Mežaparks titled „Lepni zem Latvijas karoga” („Proudly under the Latvian flag”) brought an impressive experience for the festival visitors where people made a silhouette of Latvian state from candles, therefore, creating a unique fire ritual.



An object titled „Pētera sapnis” („Peter's Dream”) got the most votes at the chart curated by directory service 1188. It lighted St.Peter's Church representing the building from a different perspective. Also „Gaišais prāts” („The Bright Mind”) got many votes, it was a story translated on the main building of The University of Latvia representing scientists' discoveries from Ancient History to nowadays, and the lighting object on the facade of „Laima” factory titled „IzStaro mīlestību!” („Bring the Love!”), in addition to the object „Elizabete gatavojas dzemdēt” („Elizabeth is giving birth”) on the facade of „Elizabete Design Hotel”.

The main route for the festival was set at Freedom Street (Brīvības iela) from Daugava River up to Jugla with various branches set in Old Town, Esplanāde and Miera Street as well as the objects in surrounding areas. One of the most popular, yet most farthest spot was in Ziemeļblāzma where the object titled „Blāzmojošie ziemeļi” („The Glowing North”) was set on „Ziemeļblāzma” sightseeing tower representing the restored „Ziemeļblāzma” Cultural Palace and beautiful park. But at Miera Street, many visitors stayed and watched the bright video installations opposite „Laima” factory where the producing process of chocolate was shown.


„Staro Rīga” Festival is one of the most popular events in cultural life of the capital city. It includes exhibitions of urban environment objects where the traditional city landscape changes by using contemporary light and video technologies. Apart from the festival offer, various stores, offices and other public places are now using light objects in their design on a daily basis allowing visitors to evaluate the beautiful lighting details on the darkest hours as well.


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