“Rīga 2014” opening: Christian Boltanski expo at “Arsenāls”

“Rīga 2014” opening: Christian Boltanski expo at “Arsenāls”
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From 19 January till 20 April, at the creative workshop of the Latvian National Museum exhibition hall “Arsenāls”, Christian Boltanski will present two excellent and world renowned art projects – the video work "In-between times” (”Entre Temps”) and the creative research “Heartbeats” (“Archives du Coeur”); the making of the heartbeat archive is interactive. Part of the thematic division “Freedom Street”, Christian Boltanski’s personal expo is among the most significant events of ”Rīga 2014” opening programme. The project is supported by L'Institut français de Lettonie (French Institute in Latvia).

Christian Boltanski begun to create the heartbeat archive in 2005 and tens of thousands of people have already taken part in the project. Visitors of the exhibition have the chance to record their heartbeats, which later are transferred to the project’s main sever – the heartbeat archive, which is located in the Sea of Japan, on the remote Eijima island. Every participant of this creative research will have the chance to receive a CD of the recording of their heartbeat.


In the video work "Entre Temps” (2003), the artists continues to explore one of his work’s most significant topics – the research of the human memory and individual experiences. The video projection portrays the gradual transformation of Christian Boltanski through different ages and time periods, starting from six to fifty seven years old.

In his work, Boltanski merges his personal outlook with a research technique, worthy of an anthropologist, ethnographer and sociologist, on important questions to the human kind, such as death, loss, extinction, individual and collective memory. There are no two human heartbeats alike in the world. The author crushes boarders between life and death, past and present. “Hearbeats” remind of the fragility of life and that the boarder of death is crossed every minute.


Christian Boltanski (1944) is one of the most world-renowned contemporary French artists. His works have been displayed in different museums and galleries, including the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, “Kunsthalle Wien” in Vienna, the “Stedeljik” museum in Eindhoven, the Whitechapel Gallery in London, the Museum of Contemporary art in Chicago, the Museum of contemporary art “KIASMA” in Helsinki, as well as in Museum Ludwig in Cologne. The artist has participated in the most prestigious contemporary art shows, like the 1972 and 1986 “Documenta” and the 1993 and 1996 Venice Biennale. Boltanski currently resides in the Parisian suburb of Malakoff.

The Christian Boltanski art expo in Riga is supported by the gallery “Eva Albarran & Co” (Paris) and the Embassy of France in Latvia.

View the entire “Rīga 2014” opening programme here!



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