„Before I die...” campaign

„Before I die...” campaign
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On 18 January all day long in Esplanade the “Before I die...” campaign will take place. The organizers of the campaign want to encourage residents and guests of Riga to stop and think about what actually is important to them and to express it publically by finishing the sentence “Before I die, I want to…”.

Each passerby is unique – a person full of anxieties, longing, fears and wonders. Allowing to publically share one’s hopes and dreams and by getting to know other people’s hopes and dreams, we simultaneously grow closer to our essence and our community. It is a chance to understand about what you are dreaming right now and right here – apart from the language you communicate in, your occupation, residence or religion.

The concept of “Before I die...” was started by Candy Chang from New Orleans, USA. The artist turned a wall of an abandoned building into a writing board, encouraging people to finnish the sentence “Before I die, I want to…”. The surprising, painful and funny answers were an unexpected mirror of the community. This served as an inspiration for many people – now there are around 400 such walls in 25 different languages in over 60 countries around the world.

When: 18 January
Time: 10.00 am – 00.00 pm
Where: Esplanade

Project by Diāna Stendzeniece, Agnese Nastaja, Silvija Pūpola, Laila Skujiņa
Project supported by “Humana People to People”, Ltd. “Eco Pack”, Daile Theatre


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