Design object “Sundial - Origo Universi”

Design object “Sundial - Origo Universi”
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The “Sundial Origo Universi” is an urban design object in the Station Square, next to the shopping center “Origo”, which not only shows the correct time, but also provides information about 11 Latvian castles and the most important cultural objects in cities around Europe

The sundial is composed of more than 200 solar LED lights, which light the clock after dark with solar energy collected throughout the day. The design object is “Linstow Center Management’s” gift to Riga.

The open air gallery also features the photo exhibition of the sports photographer Zigismunds Zālmans, called “On the Road to Olympus”.

When: 17, 18, 19 January
Time: round the clock
Where: Station Square, next to the shopping center “Origo”

Project by Valdis Majevskis
Project financed by Ltd. “Linstow”/shopping center “Origo”
Collaboration partner
Doctor of Computer Science Mārtiņš Gills


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