First “Rīga 2014” exhibition opened – “Amber through the Ages”

First “Rīga 2014” exhibition opened – “Amber through the Ages”
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
Starting 17 January, the Latvian Museum of Natural History hosts the new, interactive and contemporary exhibition, dedicated to Latvia’s most unique mineral – amber. This exhibition is the first stop of the “Rīga 2014” exhibition series “Amber Road”. The exhibition was opened on 17 January.

From now on, people will be able to get information not only about the wonderful amber from the Baltics, but also learn about other types of amber that occur elsewhere in the world, as well as its use. The amber thread, created by scientist Inga Ļašenko, will also be displayed along with art pieces that have been created from it. Information about the history of the amber road will be provided as well.

Among the participants of the “Amber through the Ages” exhibition, beautified by the vocal group “Latvian Voices”, was the Minister for Culture Dace Melbārde, Latvian Museum of Natural History Director Skaidrīte Ruskule, Head of Foundation “Rīga 2014” Diāna Čivle, thematic division “Amber Vein” curator Vita Timermane-Moora and Head of the Geology and Paleontology unit of the Latvian Museum of Natural History Anita Saulīte.


“This is a very important event for museum in preparations of its170th anniversary that takes place next year,” said Latvian Museum of Natural History Director Skaidrīte Ruskule, adding that the museum is honored to open the “Rīga 2014” exhibition programme. “Today we honor amber – this unique, versatile and wonderful mineral that is beloved and popular among people. This is the case where, thanks to foundation “Rīga 2014”, our wishes came true.”

Minister for Culture Dace Melbārde said that like a small bug, preserved in amber, can tell an intriguing tale about the civilization of the world, its evolution, creation, a small piece of amber, washed ashore by the sea and found by archaeologists, can also tell a tale about ancient cultures.

“Today we have the chance to tell our story of the tough European nation that has its own Amber Sea that washes against the Amber Land.

This exhibition is the story of amber and its many expressions nowadays. Today one of the local TV channels broadcast one of the most emotional Latvian films “Ilgais ceļš kāpās” (Long way in the dunes). The film’s main heroine Marta tells her son about the tear of the pine tree, focusing also on another aspect that might not be noticed in our everyday lives – the fact that Mother Nature is an excellent artist herself in making such wonderful creation as amber. I hope that this exhibition will inspire us to be more careful in regards to nature and will remind us that our longevity on a larger scale depends on nature,” said the minister.


Head of Foundation “Rīga 2014” Diāna Čivle said: “Think of how well known and at the same time mysterious the amber is. In the end, amber was our first currency that we used in trading with other countries; now we use amber in the thread, created by scientist Inga Ļašenko. She is also the inspiration for this thematic division, indicating that amber most definitely has not been researched and the resource has not been fully used

Through in-depth research of the amber, we understood that the characteristics of the amber also belong to the culture. 

Besides, “Amber Vein” has gathered many people who have researched and created new pieces of art, which will draw more attention to amber – many more events will take place, featuring the word “amber”.

“Amber is a child of nature, prill containing the code of evolution, created through climatic force majeure conditions. Latvian amber is tightly knit into self-respect and national identity and now it is time to research, reveal and view this common material from a new, full of new, curious and open point of view. The exhibition is part of the “Rīga 2014” programme that focuses on scientific and cultural achievements that are excellent and have value added tax on a global scale,” stresses Vita Timermane-Moora.

“Amber through the Ages” will be open at the museum throughout the year and will become a permanent exposition after the year of European Capital of Culture, as it is a valuable addition to the Latvian Museum of Natural History.

With the opening of this exhibition, museum specialists and teachers have begun working on new lectures and excursions that will provide more information on the subject.


The permanent exhibition of the Latvian Museum of Natural History “Amber through the Ages” is part of the European Capital of Culture year programme “Amber Road” that signifies the origin, history, identity and usage of amber in a new light. The different stops along this amber road in 2014 in Riga will be the Latvian Museum of Natural History, Pauls Stradiņš Museum of the History of Medicine, National History Museum of Latvia, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, art gallery “Putti” and the Art Museum “Riga Bourse”.

The European Capital of Culture program is created by foundation “Rīga 2014” in cooperation with state, local municipality and non-governmental organizations, as well as creative unions and societies. The program is financed by the Riga City Council, the Ministry of Culture and the European Commission. “Lattelecom” is the partner of the “Rīga 2014” programme, also providing technical support.

The opening of the exhibition at the Latvian Museum of Natural History is part of the “Rīga 2014” programme opening. The museum is located on Kr. Barona Street 4 in Riga and is open Wednesday through Sunday. Entrance in exhibition “Amber through the Ages”.


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