Useful information about Chain of Booklovers

Useful information about Chain of Booklovers
Kaspars Garda, Rīga 2014
Saturday, on 18 January, one of the integral “Rīga 2014” opening events - the “Path of Light” campaign – Chain of Book Lovers - will take place; books from the old National Library of Latvia building will be passed from hand to hand to the new building on the other bank of the river Daugava. We offer participants useful information about the event.

The campaign will begin on 12.00 am with the ceremonious cutting of the ribbon at the new library building or the Castle of Light and also, at the same time, the first book will begin its journey to the new library building. 

The Chain of Book Lovers route has been divided into eight legs:

leg 1 – Vērmanes dārzs park;

leg 2 – Merķeļa Street;

leg 3 – Brīvības Boulevard;

leg 4 – Kaļķu Street;

leg 5 – Kaļķu Street/Kungu Street;

leg 6 – 11. novembra krastmala (11th November Embankment);

leg 7 – Stone Bridge;

leg 8 – Stone Bridge near the new library building.

Each participant is engaged in the chain for 30 minutes, except for those participants who have been assigned to the Vermanes park – they are engaged in the chain for 15 minutes.

To receive the sign of distinction and to take the assigned place in the Chain of Booklovers in an orderly manner, on 18 January participants are asked to arrive at their assigned gathering spots at least 45 minutes before hand.​

List of the gathering spaces:

Leg 1 gathering spot - Vērmanes dārzs park;

Leg 2 gathering spot – University of Latvia (enter from Arhitektu Street);

Leg 3 gathering spot – at the main enterance of the University of Latvia (enter from Raina Boulevard);

Leg 4 gathering spot – Great Guild (Amatu Street 6);

Leg 5 gathering spot – St. Peter’s Church;

Leg 6 gathering spot – Riga State Gymnasium No. 3 (Grecinieku Street 10);

Leg 7 gathering spot – Riga Technical University;

Leg 8 gathering spot – The Latvian Railway history museum.

There will be indication signs at each of the gathering spots and event organizers will be wear special “Rīga 2014” clothing (yellow scarfs and hats).

Each book that will be passed from hand to hand in the campaign will be specially prepared – dusted off and put in covers. There are enough of these specially prepared books to secure that the campaign lasts for several hours, therefore there is no need for the participants to bring their own books.

“Rīga 2014” partner “Lattelecom” will offer hot tea at Vermanes dārzs park. Free “Lattelecom” Wi-Fi, called “Lattelecom-free”, will be available next to the tent. Everyone is invited to visit the “Lipton” tea spots and to brighten the day by enjoying classical black or fruit tea. “Lipton” tea spots will be located in Vermanes dārzs park, at Kalku Street and next the Castle of Light.

“DanSukker” tea spot will be located in the Strelnieku Square and will offer tea with sugar and also gingerbread – all these goodies will be free. We encourage people to wear appropriate seasonal clothing to fully experience the European Capital of Culture events in the city.

Those, who still want to register in the Chain of Book Lovers, must register their applications via, stating their names, last names and phone numbers. The organizers will specify the gathering spot upon confirmation. Information phone lines – (+ 371) 67037969 and (+371) 29357445.

The European Capital of Culture program is created by foundation “Rīga 2014” in cooperation with state, local municipality and non-governmental organizations, as well as creative unions and societies. The program is financed by the Riga City Council, the Ministry of Culture and the European Commission. “Lattelecom” is the partner of the “Rīga 2014” programme, also providing technical support.


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