“Riga 2014”: friendship between culture and science

“Riga 2014”: friendship between culture and science
Inese Čakstiņa . This year, Science Cafes will be held as well
“Riga 2014” consists of a variety of different cultural events, including ones that are dedicated to science, like the well-known Science Cafes, symposiums, conferences, exhibitions, lectures and other events.

* Science Cafes

“Nabaklab”, University of Latvia, radio “Naba”; 23 February, 27 March; 10 April; 8 May, 11 September

Different events connected to science will be held as part of the “RigaDot” project, including series of discussions with scientists, called Science Cafes. The events will offer a chance to the public to meet and talk to scientists. The main goal of Science Cafes is to promote informal discussions on scientific issues.

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* “I, the consumer”

Event location to be announced. 21 – 22 March

The artistically scientific symposium “I, the consumer”, created together with the British art and climate organization “TippingPoint”, will study the obsession of modern humans with shopping and material gains through installations, lectures, discussions, performances, a film program and interactive actions in search of ideas and solutions for sustainable consumption in the future.

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* Black market of useful knowledge and non-knowledge

“Sapņu fabrika”. Begins on 5 April

With the support of the EU “CULTURE” programme and as part of the support project “IMAGINE 2020: Art and Climate Change”, the project “Black market of useful knowledge and non-knowledge” reminds different ways to pass-down knowledge, like archives and reading rooms, as well as using them in different situations, similar to sessions on the stock exchange and consultations. 30 individual tables will be occupied by experts (scientists, artists, philosophers, anthropologists, physicians etc.) who will have 30 minutes to pass down their knowledge to the listener. In Riga “90 talks on a repaired, improved and dead body' will be held. Visitors will have the chance to book an expert or to listen to selected talks via “Black Radio”for a symbolic charge. The curator of the project is Hanna Hurtzig (Germany).

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* “Amber - mythical and scientific”

Pauls Stradins Museum for history of medicine. 15 April – 1 November

The exhibition “Amber - mythical and scientific” and the cluster of accompanying events will portray the relationship between men and amber through times, starting with the times when the Baltics was a mythical territory in this respect to the Mediterranean nations. What have Avicenna, Tacitus,and Pliny written about amber and how it was used by tribes in the Baltics? The exhibition will also provide information on amber today and the contribution of Latvian scientists to the research of amber and the invention of new products that contain amber; exhibits from museums in Latvia and abroad will be featured as well. The exhibition will show how Latvia emerged on the map of Europe with the help of amber.

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* “Fields”

Exhibition Hall “Arsenāls”, “RIXC” media space, “Spīķeri” - district of creative industries. 15 May – 3 August

The international exhibition of media art “Fields” will introduce the audience to the parallel lines of development in art and technological science. The exhibition will feature historic works from various collections of European museums and galleries that view how scientific inventions and media technologies have been used in 20th century art, as well as the audience will have the chance to understand the latest tendencies in searching for new approaches and forms in 21st century art practices in Latvia, the Baltic States, Europe and elsewhere in the world. The exhibition will go hand in hand with performances, workshops, a program of experimental films, a conference and artistic presentations of the festival “Art + Communication 2014”.

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* Riga 2014 and Mons 2015; “Transmedia Café”

“Spīķeri” - district of creative industries. 12 June – 28 September

The idea of the project “Transmedia Café” of “Riga 2014” and “Mons 2015” is the idea about a modern, multifunctional and urban social space, characterized by dynamics and self-sufficiency in terms of the energy it requires. In the Summer of 2014, the container will be placed in the Spīķeri quarter to serve as a place of meetings, therefore providing social and cultural function. Later, it will be relocated to different neighborhoods of Riga in order to draw the public attention to the social practices supported by new technologies. RIXC will implement this project together with its main partner “Technocité” and Mons 2015” (Beligium), as well as other members of the network, including France, Canada, Australia, as well as Liepāja University in Latvia and others.

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* The Nature Concert Hall “Armour Fish”

The ancient valley of the river Gauja in Sigulda, at Gūtmaņala cave

The event Nature Concert Hall “Armour fish” will consist of two parts - research laboratories and workshops, as well as a performance of music, light and projections. The scientific part of the project will be presented by Latvian Association of Entomologists, the Nature Protection Board, University of Latvia, Museum of Natural History, Latvian Association of Ornithology and bat researchers. The concerts will feature performances by Ingus Ulmanis, Andris Sējāns, Valdis Muktupāvels, Aigars Voitišķis, Kaspars Tobis and Anrijs Grinbergs, as well as sound producer Gatis Zaķis and other musicians. The goal of the project is to break boundaries between science and culture, to explain the values of nature through innovations and in an attractive manner and to educate the public about these issues.

* “Age of Amber”

The Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. 18 September – 26 October

The exhibition “Age of Amber” is a cultural anthropological research on the phenomenon that is amber within the art, culture and social life of one nation – what exactly do we know about amber? The author of the exhibition is Inese Baranovska, the Department Head of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design. The project is created by specialists of the museum, who cooperated with other museums in Latvia. Artists like Ingrīda Zābere, Izolde Cēsniece, Gints Gabrāns, Monika Pormale, Rūdolfs Bekičs and others will help in the creation of the exhibition.

Thematic division “Amber Vein”

* Baltic amber across ages and borders

University of Latvia. 19 – 20 September

The scientific conference “Baltic amber across ages and borders” will promote amber, as well as the exchange of ideas and approaches amongst scientists of different fields, who are exploring amber. The two-day conference will gather world’s leading amber researchers of different fields.

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* Where is our dear scientist?

Three identical one-room flats in Riga. 26 September – 27 October

The installation „Kur ir mūsu mīļais zinātnieks?” („Where is our dear scientist?”) is based on the story, where a scientists accidentally gets lost after an unsuccessful experiment, who illegally manipulates with quantum physics and the primal code. The visual material will be located in three identical one-bedroom flats. It simultaneously will be the meeting place, lecture and reading room and will function as a space for communication for people with different opinions, including young and older physicists.

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* Science festival

University of Latvia. 27 September

The science festival will offer a unique concert program – the result from joined efforts of independent musicians and scientists working in Latvia, opening a creative territory to scientific theories. Following a specially mapped route, the audience will be taken into an engaging discovery of what is the most interesting about science at home and abroad, both - from modern and historic aspects. The event will be a collaboration between the lead scientists of the University of Latvia and the best independent music representatives in Latvia.

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* Hyperbolic planes and networks of sustainability

“RIXC” media space and Contemporary Art Centre “kim?”. 1 October – 30 November

The project “Hyperbolic planes and networks of sustainability” will feature 3D objects crocheted by Daina Taimiņa and a group of handiwork artisans, new media art programme of the “LiepU MPLab”, student-produced digital visualizations, as well as the interactive interface of sustainability networks. Expanded with lectures and workshops, led by Daina Taimiņa, Valdis Kerbs and artists Rasa Šmite and Raitis Šmits, the exhibition will be displayed in Riga and in several public libraries in Latvia, as well as on-line.

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