Museum and “Splendid Palace” prepare for “Kino trofejas”

Museum and “Splendid Palace” prepare for “Kino trofejas”
Image from Deutsches Filminstitut . Still from film “Die Frau meiner Träume”/ “The Woman of My Dreams” (director Georg Jacoby, Germany, 1944)
Starting from 23 April, Riga Film Museum and cinema “Splendid Palace” will feature an extensive exhibition and the film programme “Kino trofejas” (Film Trophies) as part of the “Riga 2014” programme.

“Kino trofejas” (Film Trophies) will be a review of the film screening and viewing traditions in Latvia after WWII. The project consists of two parts: Riga Film Museum will open the exhibition on cinema repertoire policy and memories of film goers, while cinema “Splendid Palace” will feature a week long film programme with cinema repertoire of 1940th and 1950th.

Going to the movies in post-war Latvia was a popular pastime. Film lovers were fascinated by films of European directors, enjoyed the first locally made post-war movies and were excited by the so-called Western “trophy films” – films that were brought to the Soviet Union after the war as trophies. Most of them were German films, but some were made by Italians, Austrians, Americans and others.

The exhibition will consist of two main thematic parts - film selections in Latvia between 1940 and 1950 and memories of movie goers of that time.

The project’s “Kino trofejas” (Film Trophies) programme will consist of films made in the post-war time period, between 1940s and 1950s, the films featured in cinema “Splendid Palace” (later called cinema “Rīga”) – around 15 films, made in former USSR republics, as well as France, Italy, Germany and elsewhere. Before film screenings, short informative news pieces, traditional to those times, will also be screened. The project may be considered sort of a time-machine that will bring spectators back in time.

The exhibition at Riga Film Museum will be open from 23 April till 12 September, while the film programme at cinema “Splendid Palace” will be screened from 24 till 30 April.


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