Platform of creative industries is launched

Platform of creative industries is launched
Author: Kaspars Garda – Riga 2014
22-04-2013 English A+ A-
Platform of creative industries FOLD has started to operate from Monday, April 22. According to its founders, this entity will be highlighting all the best of what Latvian and foreign creative industries can offer, in the name of bringing the novelties to the forefront, of understanding the essence of matters, of gaining the knowledge, and collaborating. FOLD will focus on design and design thinking as this is the field where the creators of the platform perceive creativity and rationality joining their powers for productive innovation.

FOLD has grown out of blogs Plikums and DesignBlog, which emerged in 2009 and followed different modes of presenting what was best in Latvian design, as well as a slightly more recent Fine Young Urbanists, which reflected on urban planning and design. Late in 2012, collective of authors of these three blogs participated in and won the tender announced by the Ministry of Culture of Latvia on creation of communicative platform of Latvian creative industries. The funding acquired provided the necessary starting ground in order to transform a range of blogs into a powerful internet media.

‘Foundation of the new project marks an entirely new approach in implementation of the projects of state importance, where the Ministry of Culture confirms its trust and forwards the state budget funding to small, enthusiasm-based public initiatives, which have proved their worth consistently.’

Members of FOLD editorial office are architect and urbanist Evelīna Ozola, graphic designer Miķelis Baštiks, lawyer Ilze Peipiņa, designer of interactive and digital solutions Sandijs Ruļuks, architect and urbanist Toms Kokins and graphic designer Edgars Zvirgzdiņš. In order to cover a possibly wide range of themes, we also bring authors – theorists and professionals of creative industries into our fold.

‘FOLD is acronym for Forum of Latvian Design. We chose the term ‘forum’ as the best to express a public place of thinking as well as media providing the flow of information and discussions. In English, ‘fold’ reads not only as particular action often used in design, but also as a group or community with shared values and objectives.

The content of FOLD at the moment presents activities of creative industries, in-depth studies of a great variety of themes and documentary shorts highlighting figures prominent in creative industries as well as calendar of events. In next few months, we are planning to add new sections, which will facilitate orientation in the environment of the companies in Latvian creative industry and offer employment opportunities and partnerships. Regularly updated content of FOLD will be available in Latvian and English. The blogs Plikums, DesignBlog and Fine Young Urbanists will be preserved as the archive of our earlier publications.

‘Either virtual or physical, FOLD is a place for the representatives of different fields of creative activity to meet. Having such a place on Internet is significant, but meetings in person offer quite another level of communication, which generates sense of belonging and shared values, in time.

Which is why we opened a series of events titled ‘Unfolded’ prior to our launch of the internet media, two of which have been a lecture given by Sandijs Ruļuks and illustrator Reinis Pētersons’ drawing demonstration. ‘Unfolded’ N°3 is to follow soon.’

‘Early this year, when we started to create FOLD, a gathering venue of creative intelligentsia in Riga ‘Pērle’ was gradually completing its mission. Having served as a platform to bring together people and events for three years, ‘Pērle’ had succeeded in changing our way of perceiving and inhabiting urban space, which is why FOLD enthusiastically took over the venue of this establishment, which is now shared with the offices of several creative departments enabling inter-exchange of skills and knowledge. Transparency and public quality of our functioning are literal – the editorial office of FOLD is on the first floor and – widely windowed. If you are interested in presenting yourselves to us or in showing us your creative work, welcome to FOLD!’ founders of the platform invite.




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