Skijoring Fest on the river Daugava and Wintering at Esplanade

Skijoring Fest on the river Daugava and Wintering at Esplanade
Irēna Mathause
Next Saturday, on 15 February, two outdoors events will be held as part of the “Riga 2014” programme, inviting everyone to enjoy cultural events during wintertime. At 10.00 am, the Riga Skijoring Fest on the river Daugava aquatorium, next to the AB dam, will begin, while at 17.00 pm, the festival “Riga Wintering 2014” will begin at Esplanade. Both events will be free.

Skijoring is an interesting and sporty cultural tradition of the winter season – for viewer entertainment, the event will take place on the ice of the river Daugava next to the AB dam, at the Saules akmens (Sun Stone) track on the Agenskalns bay. The Skijoring Fest will begin at 10.00 am. At 12.00 am, the Skijoring Carnival will take place – participants in costume will take part in a parade to later compete in a rally, as well as in a relay races. After the carnival, sporty races and competitions will continue, as well as the performance “Skijoring Landing” will be held.

The audience will have the chance to learn how to skijoring on a special training track, be part of the crew under the supervision of a specialist, as well as to take pictures together with skijoring stars. Around 60 Riga open master’s workshop participants are scheduled to attend, but everyone is invited to join the event.

On 15 February, between 17.00 pm and 22.00 pm, the festival “Riga Wintering 2014” will take place at Esplanade. “Riga Wintering” includes open art workshops, mind games and the opportunity for the participants to learn the symbols of Riga through these activities, which, as it turns out, can tell so much new about Riga. 


Participants will have the chance to walk along six paths of activities, based on the unusual stories about Riga (Rīgas stāsti) by writer Sergejs Timofejevs and artist Reinis Petersons about the Riga Channel Beaver, the Black Cat, Big Christopher (Lielais Kristaps), Petergailis (the rooster on St.Peter`s Church steeple) and chimney sweepers. Suggestions for other new symbols of Riga will be accepted also. Performances of bands “Carnival Youth”, “Oranžās brīvdienas”, “Pulsa efekts” and Goran Gora will take place on the “Riga Wintering 2014” stage. The concert programme will be concluded by the performance of the band “Bermudu divstūris”.

The Skijoring Fest and “Riga Wintering 2014” fall under the thematic division “Riga Carnival” – events that highlight cultural events in Riga during wintertime.

The European Capital of Culture program is created by foundation “Rīga 2014” in cooperation with state, local municipality and non-governmental organizations, as well as creative unions and societies. The program is financed by the Riga City Council, the Ministry of Culture and the European Commission. “Lattelecom” is the partner of the “Rīga 2014” programme, also providing technical support.



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