Aaron Schuster’s lecture and “Zoon in A Zoot-Suit” opening

Aaron Schuster’s lecture and “Zoon in A Zoot-Suit” opening
Publicity image . Philosopher Aaron Schuster
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On 8 February, as part of the “Riga 2014” programme “Waiting for... (the archeology of an idea)”, philosopher Aaron Schuster will read the lecture “Death comes first: Spinoza, Freud, Lacan” in Riga.

On 8 February, the premiere of the publication “Diaries: Spinoza’s poetics” (Dienasgrāmatas: Spinozas poētika) will be held, as well as the exhibition of Oļja Vasiļjeva’s posters in the show windows of the National Library of Latvia on Elizabetes Street will be open; the exhibition will be displayed till 8 March. Till 16 March, the exhibition “Zoon in A Zoot-Suit” by Aditya Mandayam will be open at the contemporary art center “kim?”.

The reading and relevant events focus on one of the most prominent new era philosophical texts, Benedict Spinoza’s “Ethics” – it will be discussed, visualized and restructured. The event will be opened by Ainārs Kamoliņš, who will focus on the notion of melancholy, which will also be the practical demonstration of Benedict Spinoza’s “Ethics” text form deconstruction, therefore showing that by officially changing the notion’s relationships with other parts of “Ethics”, new meaning can be formed.

The project “Waiting for... (the archeology of an idea)” includes the presence of internationally active arts and culture professionals in Riga this year, who are to discuss current and future issues in arts with the notion of continuity.

Philosopher Aaron Schuster received his BA from Amherst College (USA), where he specialized in legal theory, and MA and PhD in Philosophy from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium). His doctoral dissertation, “The Trouble With Pleasure: Philosophy and Psychoanalysis”, examined the concept of pleasure in the history of philosophy, concluding with Freud and Lacan. He was a researcher at the Jan van Eyck Academie in 2005-2006, and has taught at PARTS (Performing Arts Research Training Studios) in Brussels.

He is a currently the theory instructor at the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. In addition to lectures and publications focusing on 20th century continental philosophy, he has written on contemporary art and culture for Cabinet, Metropolis M, Frieze, and others, and has collaborated as a writer with artists on a number of projects and performances. He is currently preparing a book on Deleuze and psychoanalysis, and a study of the history of levitation in twentieth century thought and culture.

The European Capital of Culture program is created by foundation “Riga 2014” in cooperation with state, local municipality and non-governmental organizations, as well as creative unions and societies. The program is financed by the Riga City Council, the Ministry of Culture and the European Commission. “Lattelecom” is the partner of the “Riga 2014” programme, also providing technical support.


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