The interactive “Riga 2014” event map

The interactive “Riga 2014” event map
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25-02-2014 Latviski A+ A-
The geographical information systems developer SIA “Envirotech” has created an interactive map of “Riga 2014” events.

At the moment, the interactive map is available in Latvian and English. The map can be accessed also from mobile devices.

For the Latvian version of the map, click here, whereas the English version may be viewed here.

These websites in the ArcGIS Online environment offer users to do either of the following: change the basemap (ArcGIS Online offers nine different basemap options), add new layers, adapt map symbols, have descriptions attached to map objects as tables and change table settings, create custom thematic maps or applications on the basis of the “Riga 2014” event map. 

Application in English
Application in Latvian
Application in Latvian and English


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